Tamiya TRF420 detailed built photos

Click here to read our Detailed and in-depth Tamiya TRF420 Review article. Tamiya USA has posted some great detailed photos of the TRF420....

Click here to read our Detailed and in-depth Tamiya TRF420 Review article.

Tamiya USA has posted some great detailed photos of the TRF420. It is looking fantastic and you will soon get our detailed review and build, but for now take a look at these photos.
The new kit, it looks great. I wonder if a centre stiffener is still possible, I really like that as a tuning option

Looking much more sturdy than before, and I can see a potential modification already
The Lightweight front pulley looks good. The new steering bridge opens up tuning possibilities and we get blue bulkhead parts instead of the black versions on the 419X/XR

Looks good.The servo is mounted from behind now. 

The new arms are stronger but actually a little lighter, also you can adjust the lower shock mount position.

The new front end looks chunky. Those C-hubs have a lot of expectations weighing on them.
Blue bits that can make you quicker are always a good thing.
You can buy extra parts than give you more tuning options in true Tamiya style.
The new bumper / bodymounts can allow you to move the body 2mm forward for more steering.
The new adjustable suspension mounts are included. Providing the racer with more tuning options from the get go.

The lightweight spool

For the first time ever we actually get the Aluminium chassis and thinner top deck available from the launch date. Essential for us carpet racers, well done Tamiya!
A TRF419XR with the new 420 suspension parts fitted.

The driveshafts are lighter and use the lightweight parts hop up parts that were released last year.
Tamiya also have a fully spammed up TA07 and TB05 on display. Many of these new parts fit on these chassis (Along with the older club / pro chassis). Tamiya also has a new steering hop-up available for the TB05.
A Bag that is similar to the TRF420 box that I am unable to post atm
A TRF Tool bag.. the Joy of fettling with a toy car is great, why not keep the special tools in a bag as part of the ceremony.
Looks fairly innocuous so the wife wont expect you to have spent a wad on the contents?

Source (Tamiya USA)
TRF420 1980662794841856373

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