Tamiya Adjustable suspension mounts Review

Tamiya has released an essential new part for us racers in the form of the new adjustable suspension mounts. Whereas before we had to buy individual mounts to make adjustments for trackwidth, toe, toe and dive / kickup. These new mounts provide you with the ability to adjust a range of these settings all with one mount. So lets take a closer look.

There are three standard and three split mounts available to purchase.
  • Part No 54880 - Aluminium suspension mount XB
  • Part No 54881 - Aluminium suspension mount A
  • Part No 54882 - Aluminium suspension mount E
  • Part No 54883 - Aluminium split suspension mount XB
  • Part No 54884 - Aluminium split suspension mount A
  • Part No 54885 - Aluminium split suspension mount E

In each packet you get the mount, a selection of bushings and the instructions that explain how to use different combinations to get the required setting.

The mounts are more solid than the the previous designs with a thicker bridge section which will help make it more durable. There are markings to help you quickly see the current bushing settings.

The bushings allow you to change the height and width of the suspension mount. It might sound confusing but they are quite simple to use. As you can see above you have the ability to go two positions from the base in any direction.

You just need to slide the required bushings into the suspension blocks. They fit snugly and stay very secure in the mounts.

In one packet you get all the bushings required for 25 different combinations.

So with this in mind, if you purchased Tamiya 54882 Alu Adjustable Suspension Mount (E). You will be able to change the width down to the equivalent of a C block, or up to a G Block.

The neutral height for these suspension blocks (with the N1 block) is 4.75mm. This is the same height as the Uno blocks (1A, 1B, 1C etc).  You are able to raise the height by two increments (5.1 and 5.5mm) or lower it by two increments (4.4 and 4.0mm). This can help you tune the Roll centre / Kick up / Anti-Squat etc (This is covered in more detail in the guide here).

Be aware if you mix suspension block heights. As the .5 blocks are 4.25mm high, so you will have some dive etc if you mix them.


The standard one piece blocks with fit on any Tamiya that uses any of the earlier suspension blocks. The split / separate block will only fit on  the more recent Tamiya club chassis. (Check out the Ultimate guide guide for a compatibility list).

As you would expect these blocks fit fine. They are more solid than the original blocks.

You also need to cast away the old suspension balls. The shafts just fit directly into the bushings. This changes things a little, as the balls allowed the arms to move, even if they grabbed the shaft. Now this is not the case so it is worthwhile to use a 3mm reamer on the suspension arms to ensure they move smoothly.

Additional Info

For the TRF419XR assuming you want to replace the kit setting blocks you will need the following 4 sets to replace the stock blocks.

  • FF - Tamiya 54882 Alu Adjustable Suspension Mount (E)
  • FR - Tamiya 54885 Adjustable separate suspension mounts (E)
  • RF - Tamiya 54884 Adjustable separate suspension mounts (A) 
  • RR - Tamiya 54882 Alu Adjustable Suspension Mount (E)
With the above you can go as narrow as C at the the front and as wide as G without having to purchase any other blocks. For the rear you can go from 4 degrees rear toe in down to 2 degrees without having to purchase any blocks.


These new blocks are great addition for any Tamiya racer that wants a host of tuning options without breaking the bank. Wheras you would have needed to purchase 12 blocks to cover the range of XD to G you now only have to buy 2! The simple economics alone show how effective these are.

They are also very robust, I've raced the car indoors and out since fitting these with no problems and they are still very tight and have no slop. Even if that becomes a problem, the bushings are available separately for a very small price.

If you want to find out more information on the tuning possibilities of the suspension blocks, check out the Tamiya Suspension mount Ultimate guide here.

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  1. is it possible to combinate the "old" V2 Split Mounts on the RF axle and the new Adjustable suspension mounts on the RR axle?



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