54887 Tamiya TRF420 toe control rear suspension set Info and guide

Tamiya have release photos and info on the new toe Control Rear suspension set. I have used these before and had a prototype working. But the new Tamiya part looks very good and has a very nice lower attachment that is ballraced. I will be interested to try this out (With a full days testing) when the part arrives for a full review. Here is some info on how it all works.

How does it all work?

As the suspension moves the toe increases.

These systems work by adding more rear toe in as the car enters the corner towards the apex. This allows you to have less toe in on the straights ensuring your car will be faster. You can easily adjust it by changing the shims on the rear carbon hub plates.

The above guide shows you how to change the settings.

What do you get in the box?

What do you get in the packet?

  • Aluminum Caster Blocks (L/R) x1 each
  • Carbon Fiber Upright Arms x2
  • Aluminum Uprights x2
  • Aluminum Lower Mounts x2
  • Mount Posts x2
  • 5mm Adjusters x8
  • Aluminum 3x32mm Turnbuckle Shafts x2
  • Ball Connectors, Screws, Shims, etc. for attachment also included.

Released around Feb 2020

Source (Tamiya.com)
TRF420 4707660667250236353

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