RugRacers Round 4 2019-2020

This was epic, with the NEW style corners made by none other Mike (Marmite) Cooke our chief track designer, and with these a great flowing ...

This was epic, with the NEW style corners made by none other Mike (Marmite) Cooke our chief track designer, and with these a great flowing track was laid for some of the closest racing we have seen in this series of Rug Racers. These new track makers needed to be respected, as they would upset your car but not break your car, which is how and why they were designed.
The racing was as always going to be very close throughout the day, and a great atmosphere was felt throughout the meeting, with all 4 classes chasing the clock for the obligatory 5minutes to put them into their respective finals.
Jimmy Maddison running 17.5 was on fire as he always is, and took every round which gave him TQ, and true to form he took both final wins (Uncle Jack was looking down on you  with Adam Southgate taking 2nd to clinch the 17.5 title, and old man Dave Ringsell taking 3rd spot on the day.
Billy Fletcher running 13.5 to TQ by just 2.2 seconds, but the finals were not to go Billy's way, so Ashley Wiffin came through and took the overall win, with Ricky Copsey who was on the heels of Ashley in the second final who eventually took 2nd with TQ man Billy Fletcher taking 3rd place
Mark Young also took TQ in MTC who run foam and rubber tyre together. Mark showed a convincing win overal taking a 2nd and first place in his finals along with the MTC title.... second place went to Joseph Moore and 3rd place went to Jack Anderson.
Aaron Rose who was racing a Schumacher prototype Fronty car, he managed to take TQ first time out with the car. Martin Southall had put his Xray Fronty 2nd of the grid, while Jason Butterfield was on 3rd
Aaron went on to take 2 convincing wins which gave him the overal win with Martin Southall taking a sturdy 2nd while Jason taking a 3rd & 4th in his finals gave him a 3rd overall.

Young guns

It has to be mentioned, that there are some up and coming youngsters which we all know needs to happen to keep this great sport of ours moving forward.

The outstanding racers that caught the eye in RRR4 was Shane Chipolina who is only 13 years old, drove intelligently to take an outstanding 5th place in the 13.5 A final between some of the high ranking National UK racers, which he took a respectable 7th overall place after rolling over a couple of times, due to the very high grip ETS rug we have. Shane also put his fastest lap of 10.25 which equaled Ashley Wiffin's fastest lap in the first leg final.

Owen Smith 16 years old who had driven GT12 and 12th scale for 9 years, who was a national A finalist, has now taken the route of 13.5 TC.

Owen had driven his Xray T4 20 for the first time on the XRS Saturday meeting prior to RRR4 and had only completed the build that morning. The Saturday was a learning curve, for he needed to get yo grips with how a TC felt on the Hudy 28s tyres, compared to GT12 on foams, but by the end of the Saturday he looked to have cracked it. He drove himself into pole in the B final, which is no mean feat for his first competitive RR meeting. Owen took the overall win in the B final.

Ethan Southall who is another up and coming racer, got his racing hat on by the time the finals came round, and won both legs of the C final to take the overall win.

Another new comer into the MTC class from GT12 is Jack Taylor just 15 years old, who took the B final win from 6th on the grid, a Stirling drive from such a young racer.

Well done to all the Rug Racer young racers 😎

Thank you to our sponsors
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See you all at the final round......

Thank you from the Rug Racer Team
(Source Malc Hall)

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