47445 Tamiya RC TA07RR Chassis Kit details and photos

Tamiya has also released the official details of the new TA07RR chassis. The TA07 is a great chassis and has been a staple of many people running at local clubs. This is probably the ultimate in how far it can be hopped up before you go to the whole TA07MS route.. but that is basically a TRF chassis.

Here are the details from Tamiya.

Improved grip and improved cornering performance by optimizing chassis rigidity

Adopting a composite chassis combining a narrow type lower deck with an upper frame, the drive system is single belt 4WD. In addition, the TA07 PRO touring car chassis supports three different motor layouts and various course layouts and settings. This chassis is packed with optional parts carefully selected by TRF members, and the TA07RR is designed to win the race. Dedicated carbon front stiffener improves pitching rigidity while maintaining roll flexibility. It improves the grip on the front and creates stable cornering performance. In addition, the drive system has a double cardan drive shaft, TRF420 front axle, aluminum center pulley, etc. to improve efficiency. The suspension can be set more delicately with the TRF419 suspension upgrade set and aluminum adjustable suspension mount. A dedicated servo mount and front and rear soft type stabilizer are also set.
Carbon front middle stiffener, aluminum stiffener mount and aluminum servo mount enhance pitching rigidity and realize chassis setting that softens rolls.

A set of soft type stabilizers (front: super soft / soft, rear: super soft) that match the tires specified by the Tamiya Challenge Cup.

Parts included

  • Carbon front middle stiffener 
  • Aluminum stiffener mount 
  • Aluminum servo mount 
  • Carbon reinforced A parts (bulkhead) 
  • Aluminum adjustable suspension mount 
  • TRF419 suspension upgrade set 
  • TRF420 front direct pulley (37T) 
  • TRF420 gear differential set 
  • TRF420 front axle 
  • Double Drive shaft for cardan (42 sizes, 2) 
  • TRF super short big bore damper (4) 
  • TRF420 steel front direct cup set 
  • Stabiliser end integrated 5mm adjuster (4 pieces) 
  • TRF420 steel front direct cup set 
  • TA07 carbon damper bracket set (for TRF-SSBB) 
  • TA07 aluminum steering arm set 
  • TA07 adjustable Ackerman set 
  • TRF-SSBB upgrade for damper set
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