Tamiya TC-01 Hop ups and details explained

In another series of videos today, Tamiya has given us a close look at the exciting TC-01 and presented some of the hop-ups that can ...

In another series of videos today, Tamiya has given us a close look at the exciting TC-01 and presented some of the hop-ups that can be mounted on the chassis, along with a few important details.

I will link the video \the end so you can take a look, but here are some of the important call outs based on the discussions about the TC-01 that we have all had.
1- The TC-01 seems to take standard spurs. This is a big deal as it will allow anyone wanting to run the car in stock class the ability to run 64dp and a FDR low enough to be competitive. (Result!)

2- Electrics look ok to fit. The TC-01 will only work with a low profile servo, the esc mounted there is not too small, also the chassis has a bridge that holds the wires under the propshaft, so it will be easy enough to arrange the wires without them getting tangled.

3- The TB04 differentials will all fit (Internal Ratio will probably be 2.5). Also the aluminium M07 suspension mounts will work, providing a very strong and reliable lower arm assembly.

4- Sway bars will fit, also the chassis is able to accommodate the big bore dampers as well as the std TRF shocks.

5- Other things explained. The car uses 42mm drive shafts (The XV01 front drive shafts would fit), it is also able to use the double cardan drive shafts in the front (Essential when running a spool). Also for those who want to run the TC-01 as a stock class, the shell is able to be cut out and replicate the Formula-E cars accurately, or you can not cut some the the parts off and run it as more complete full shell to make it stronger.

The whole thing looks fantastic, I cannot wait to see one of these in the flesh. Imagine what a MS version will be like!

Here is the box, so you know what to rush in and buy from your nearest hobby shop :)

Here is the video
TC01 5506342323288422222

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