TA08 Hop-up options photos and analysis

Tamiya has published some photos of the new option parts for the hotly anticipated TA08 chassis. Whilst the new hop-ups are all standard fayre, the good thing is that there are some nice close-up shots that can possibly show us some more info on the TA08.

22003 TA08 Stabilizer Set (Front & Rear)

The stabilizer bars are great for corner speed. This photo shows us that the stabiliser bars use 630 bearings for smooth movement. You can also see that the mounts are attached on the side of the bulkheads. The spool looks to be the same as the TA07 unit.

Still at the front of the chassis we can see that the TA08 supports the TRF adjustable blocks. You can also see that the upper bulkhead looks like it supports two attachment positions for the upper arms to make them shorter or longer. 

22004 TA08 Aluminum Servo Mount

The servo mount is unique to the TA08 as it supports the V-shaped chassis. The rest of the design is very similar to the TRF420 layout. You can also see in this shot that the TRF420 steering is able to be fitted onto the TA08.  These are 1 x Tamiya 54704 TA07 Aluminium Steering Arm Set and 54949 TA07 Aluminum Adjustable Ackerman Set. 

22005 TA08 Carbon Damper Stays (Front & Rear)

The carbon damper stays offer more holes for fine tuning the suspension. This photo also shows us that the arms are still able to be moved forward and backwards to change the wheelbase and weight distribution. 

The rear photo shows us that you are able to fit the split adjustable blocks. I did know that that the suspension spacers were used on the stock tub, it looks like they are fully removable and you can use these parts instead. You can also see the hubs allow spacers to be added to change roll centre.

47476 TA08 Pro Titanium Screw Set

Titanium screws are always a good option to lighten the chassis. This photo shows us that the lower arms are reversible as there are droop screw holes on both sides and stabilizer rod attachment points. The chassis also looks like it can use the older split blocks as well as the new ones. 

So some small revelations on the cool stuff that the new TA08 will give us, and it also provides some exciting possibilities for some TRF runners in the future.
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