Tamiya comfort fit face mask review and track test ;)

Tamiya has a wide range of lifestyle accessories that you can buy, ranging from racing apparel to flip flops. Many are only available in the...

Tamiya has a wide range of lifestyle accessories that you can buy, ranging from racing apparel to flip flops. Many are only available in their domestic market of Japan, although some make it overseas. One of which is the new Tamiya Comfort fit mask.

It would have been a huge leap to think that these would have been available in the UK before the world was hit by the pandemic,  but with things as they now are its actually nice to have an alternative to the disposable ones that I mainly use. 

So what's in the pack?

Inside the pack you get a facemask.. its made out of a nice thin neoprene style of material (According to my partner).  The mask itself has hoops that go over your ears and what looks like a fluorescent Tamiya logo stamped on the left side side. 

Tech specs

Reading the packaging it states that the mask is infused with Ceravida Fresh. An all natural agent with antimicrobial and anti-odor qualities. This has supposedly been certified by various testing organisations, and additionally offers protection from UV rays as well as skin irritation. 

  • Material: 92% polyester, 8% polyurethane
  • The mask does not completely prevent infection (invasion).
Colours / sizes available
  • Black M size (ITEM67473) L size (ITEM67474)
  • Gray M size (ITEM67475) L size (ITEM67476)
  • White M size (ITEM67477) L size (ITEM67478)


When placed on the scale the mask weighs in at 6.8g. Its so lightweight that it will not put any more undue load on your neck as it holds up your head over prolonged periods of time. 

Track test. 

Before popping on the mask for the first time I would suggest you leave it to air for 10-15 mins to ensure that the intense packaging smell has dissipated. 

Placing the mask on my large head is simple as you would expect. The initial fit is actually very comfortable. The material is lightweight and it feels comfortable to wear even after a prolonged period (Race meeting of around 5 hrs). 

I also found that I got less steaming on my sunglasses with this mask. The material is quite stretchy compared to some other masks out there, but it seems to keep my head cooler than the std face mask that I use. 

Style.. well I would say that the fact that it covers a good chunk of my face only helps me to look more attractive, the amount of grey that it covers also probably helps make me look a bit younger as well :) The mask is available in Black, Grey and White so you can choose colours that you think suit you as well. 

How did it affect my racing?  Well I can report that this mask is essential to get any Lap time at all, as you cannot race in the UK unless you have a facemask. So this helps lap-times immensely.  

In conclusion 

Its a mask! It's comfortable, and in 2021 it is essential if you want to pick up your transmitter and race at any venue here in the UK. The branding is subtle so its ok to wear at other places than at the track.  Keep Safe and see you at the track

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