Tamiya TD4 Super Avante details. Why you should be excited!

It's Friday and Tamiya have released the first proper image and a video of their new TD4 Super Avante. This new 4WD chassis looks to hav...

It's Friday and Tamiya have released the first proper image and a video of their new TD4 Super Avante. This new 4WD chassis looks to have a lot of smart new features.

Here is why if you are a Tamiya fan, you should be excited..
Its a new 4WD buggy from Tamiya.. the first one since the DB02 (2012), or if you want to include the TRF range the TRF503 (2015). That's nearly a decade without any new 4WD buggies from Tamiya. 

It's quirky! Tamiya is about character and innovation. Sometimes that works well, other times it can be a slight misstep.. importantly it still ensures that the kits are special. There are loads of cheap RTR buggies that are coming out of China.. Tamiya is not interested in competing with those, they want to create something that stands out in a market of identikit buggies with tribal paint jobs. 😴

Inline front suspension! Its there in your face (or actually not).. Tamiya have made a car that stands out, it will be a fun build as you look at the engineering involved. This is what Tamiya is all about, the whole process. Will it be a revolution in buggy design?. who knows, but its nice and different so that's cool.. that's so very Tamiya. 

Its got a driver character, how is that for paying fan service? Its also not a strange ugly blocky cab forward design, but a sleek space age beauty designed by Kota Nezu who has created many cool Tamiya shells and designs over the last decade. I'm not so keen on the colour but I can paint the shell to whatever I want.. cause its a kit and that's what Tamiya is about. 

So it looks unique, its engineering is unique and when you watch the video above you can see that it is a very well balanced chassis over variety of different surfaces. Its not racing spec (There is still the TRF503 for that), but you know that it will have a range of lovely blue options available at some point. Hop-ups is another part of the Tamiya experience where you tune and modify the car to see if you can do some giant killing at the club. 

So there you have it. As someone that has been a fan of Tamiya stuff for decades, this release is just as exciting for me as when I coveted those Tamiya buggies back in the 80's. It captures all of the same ingredients as those classics, yet it will be much better as a runner.  What more could a Tamiya enthusiast who wants something to capture that 80's vibe of Classic Tamiya buggies want?  Although you could argue that a TD2 would be an Astute move ;)

Tamiya will be doing some more videos showing the chassis this weekend, cannot wait to have a look at that, but in the meantime here is the Technical info.

Here is the Tamiya Press info

Tamiya is delighted to announce a brand new 1/10 R/C 4WD off-road buggy model. It employs the newly designed TD4 chassis and a stylish body produced by Kota Nezu, who has contributed to a number of popular Tamiya products.

About the model
  • This is a 1/10 R/C assembly kit.
  • Length: 338mm, height: 124mm, width: 246mm. Wheelbase: 283mm.
  • The eye-catching polycarbonate body (inspired by Tamiya classic, Avante) is designed by Japanese designer Kota Nezu of znug design.
  • Newly designed shaft-driven 4WD chassis based on the one-piece monocoque frame features the same ball differentials for front and rear, and features a longitudinal battery pack position in the center and a midship transverse motor for optimum balance and improved performance.
  • The TD4 chassis also employs an front inboard suspension layout which eliminates the need for a front damper stay and offers slim, low-profile form.
  • The four wheel double wishbone suspension system uses CVA oil dampers for superlative performance.
  • Features full ball bearings.
  • Two link rods and crank arm transmit movement of the left-side servo to the three-piece steering arm setup.
  • Turnbuckle shafts for use with upper arms facilitate camber angle adjustment.
  • Star dish wheels are paired with square spike tires which offer superlative grip off-road.
  • Choose between high and low type wing stays to adjust the downforce depending on the road surface.
  • Comes with a driver figure for extra realism, and high-torque servo saver.

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  1. Love it ve4y excited for this seems to have split opinion but some people would not be happy what ever tamiya do. I said last year that would love tamiya to bring out a new 4wd buggy and they've done it happy days

  2. Hate me for this but I have to say it.

    Take off the rear wing, lower the shock mount and add shorter shocks and springs. Put on on-road style buggy tires and presto! The Trackmania car! :D



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