RCMaker Horizontal Rear Bodypost Mounting set Review

The Horizontal Rear bodypost mounting set are another interesting creation from RC Maker. As soon as I spotted them online I had to purchase some to try out on my TRF. 

As the TRF420 does not run super short shocks, this means that the shock tower is going to be higher than most other touring cars. So I went for the short versions (32-39mm) in the hope that they would fit. 

In the packet you get two adjustable rear mounts. They weigh 9.5g as a pair The mounts have two screws that are used to adjust the height, and a bolt that you use to attach the mounts. 

The mounts are very simple to fit, you just position them into the shell and attach the wing with the screw going into the retaining bolt. They fit perfectly into the ZooRacing Wolverine shell. (And the Anti)

The one thing I noticed is that the hole for the body post does not provide any movement as it is quite a tight fit. I always want a bodyshell to be able to move around a little, both laterally and longitudinally. 

I solved this by swapping out the thicker 5mm TRF420 posts and using some Tamiya 9005741 bodyposts. These come in two sets and the shorter pair are near enough a perfect length, made of strong flexible plastic and are 1mm thinner.  These provide a perfect amount of movement for the rear of the shell. 

Once mounted I set the carbon mounts so they were at the shortest setting, and the shell was perfectly mounted on the chassis. You are left with a perfect fitting shell, with a very smooth rear end.

As far as I am concerned, running rear posts ensures that the new era of aero shells should work even more efficiently. Without the external posts and bodyclips the air at the rear of the car will be able to run directly to the rear wing providing the best possible scenario for it to work as designed. 

You do not need to use body clips to hold the shell in place, although I mounted some large clips to stop the shell moving too far forward if I was hit behind. This basically eliminates rear body-tuck, one of the most frustrating issues when racing.. Although in reality no-one can catch the TRF420 to hit it from behind😎

I have used these mounts all winter and they have been superb. I have had no issues with the shell coming loose in any collision, or even when I rolled the car all the way down the straight. 

The only real negative is that they weigh nearly 10g, although since I acquired these RC Maker have refined the design and they are only 6g. Even at 10g the fact that I suffered from no rear tuck and benefitted from the better aero performance (Psychological maybe), along with the extra structural strength at the rear of the shell has ensured that I will be using these for my main competition shells going forward. Very cool indeed :)

Available via RCmaker (Click here)
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