Tamiya TRF adjustable centre weight Free download

This is a part that I made for some of the Tamiya TRF racers. It is a 3D printable centre weight.  Basically you replace the kit one, and you can add sticky lead weights in the pocket. This allows you to fine tune the weight, whilst still keeping the chassis flex in the correct operating range. 

To mount it, just use 3x8mm screws and place a 0.5mm shim between the deck and the block.

Note -  I also added a side hole you can use for a battery stop.

This is compatible with the following chassis:

  • TRF419
  • TRF419X
  • TRF419XR
  • TRF420

If you have a 3D printer, you can download the file here (Click to download). 

It is available from the shapeways shop here (Click to visit shop)

Help develop more parts

If you appreciate the non profit work I have done, please feel free to tip me to help me to afford to develop more parts. You can make a Tip by clicking this link https://www.buymeacoffee.com/TheRcRacer

Disclaimer and thanks

These have been made as a contribution to the Tamiya racing community. There is no profit for myself. These are just a tuning aid.

I have invested my own time and money in these parts for the Tamiya and wider racing community, at no profit for myself. These designs are always helped via feedback from other racers. So please let's share feedback and set-ups and I can try to refine or design other parts in the future :)

I own the design, and copyright and manufacturing rights to these parts so please do not copy them and sell them for profit. I will find you and hunt you down if you do ;)

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