Porsche 956 1982 Le Mans Winner Tamiya RM-01X chassis

The Le-Mans 24hrs is one of my favourite motor races, so whilst writing the large TRF420X review, I took a break to do this little article on the Porsche 956 and my RM-01X chassis 

There are some cars that are legendary, the Group C Porsche 956 is one that deserves that Moniker. Designed by Norbert Singer and built for the 1982 racing season this car would become a multiple Le-Mans winner. 

The car has a aluminium monocoque chassis that holds a 2.65 litre Porsche Type-935 turbocharged Flat-6.  The 5 speed manual transmission would help the car reach speeds of up to 225 mph (362kph) along the long Mulsanne Straight. 

My replica is of the car that won in 1982, the 50th anniversary of the Le-Mans race that was held on the 19th and 20th June. It was a significant year for Le Mans with the FIA's Group-C regulations coming into effect. This allowed an open engine formula but enforced more safety measures such as a minimum weight along with a proscribed fuel allocation.

Car number one, driven by the 1981 winners Jacky Ickx and Derek Bell had a battle with the Ford powered Rondeau, but they soon powered into a commanding race position and they took the lead from their team-mates after midnight and maintained that position to the chequered flag.  

The Tamiya RM01-X

The Tamiya RM-01 chassis was released in 2011. This was the first 1/12 pan car chassis Tamiya had released since the Racing Master platform that was originally released in 1980.

I have the RM-01X chassis that was released in 2013. This is the high spec racing version of the chassis. It features numerous aluminium and carbon components such as the lower deck, lower brace and damper mount. Aluminium pitch and roll dampers are fitted as standard. Changing damper oil and grease viscosities provide precise adjustments to suspension performance.

Here are some of the unique parts for the RM01-X chassis:
  • 2.5mm Carbon Lower Deck 
  • 2.5mm Carbon Lower Brace 
  • 3.0mm Carbon Rear Body Mount Plate 
  • 2.5mm Carbon Damper Mount Plate 
  • Carbon Rear Shaft 
  • Aluminium Rear Shaft Spacer 
  • Aluminium Motor Mount 
  • Aluminium Pitch Damper Set 
  • F104 Aluminium HE Roll Damper 
  • 3x32mm Aluminium Turnbuckle Shaft 
  • Front Ground Clearance Spacer Set 
  • Carbon Reinforced N Parts (Front Suspension Arm)

The standard kits come with a 380 Motor!! however a std 540 will fit fine.  

I have raced this car at my local club (With a race shell and trued down tyres). These cars runs 1cell lipo and 13.5 Brushless blinky motors and they are rapid!

However I am not really into foam tyre racing so it has been retired to the shelf at the moment. 

If you want more info on the RM01, there are some great articles by Paul Lomas here. (Click Here to read more)

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