42383 Tamiya TB EVO 8 official info and Photos

  After owning all of the previous TB Evo Chassis it is not surprising that I am always excited when another is announced. We got the scoop ...


After owning all of the previous TB Evo Chassis it is not surprising that I am always excited when another is announced. We got the scoop on this chassis back a few months ago, but here is the Tamiya official info with some nice HD photos. Let's take a look.

Performance Evolution

TB EVO. series models are Tamiya's top shaft-driven 4WD touring car chassis, and a new design is here: the TB EVO.8! Its carbon fiber deck layout features a minimalistic upper design to optimize pitch rigidity and lower the center of gravity, and also uses R/C deck and center stiffener components; aluminum bulkheads stiffen the drive train and contribute to its efficiency. Suspension arms are the same design as on the TA08 PRO and promise to get the most out of your tires, and are paired with Super Short Big Bore Dampers front and rear. A choice of motor layouts (front-midship, rear-midship) is on offer, and the chassis design allows efficient adjustment of backlash. Controllability, speed, ease of upkeep - the TB EVO.8 has it all!

Featured Components
★2.25mm carbon fiber lower deck
★2mm carbon fiber upper deck 
★1mm carbon fiber R/C deck 
★2mm carbon fiber bumper support 
★One-piece aluminum lower bulkheads (front, rear) 
★Aluminum upper bulkheads (front, rear) 
★Aluminum motor mounts (A, B, C) 
★Aluminum servo mount 
★Aluminum battery holders 
★Aluminum center stiffener 
★Aluminum front direct cups 
★TRF Super Short Big Bore Dampers+ 
★42mm double cardan drive shafts 
★42mm lightweight swing shafts (reinforced) 
★06 module hard coated aluminum pinion gear (23T) 
★Front & rear stabilizers 
★Full ball bearings

★Left: Just access two screws to fine-tune motor backlash. Changing the spur gear requires removal of just four screws.

★Right: Employing the steering post on the bulkhead lessens its impact on chassis roll. Slightly longer tie-rods make for smoother cornering.

★Left: Rotate rear suspension tie-rods to alter toe angle. Rear knuckles allow use of different ball connectors to fine-tune toe range.

★Aluminum king pin suspension balls combine king pin and flanged pipe parts; 8 are used in the suspension, providing rigidity and minimizing clearance.

★The rear damper stay is split into left and right, and each integrated into the aluminum upper bulkheads. Four damper attachment positions allow plenty of fine-tuning

★Right: Alter the number and position of center stiffener screws to adjust setup. The R/C deck helps keep your chassis balanced when installing R/C equipment.

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