Masayuki Kawata Nationals winning Tamiya TRF420X Setup

Masayuki Kawata had an incredible event at the Japan nationals with his TRF420X with both TQ and a dominant display in all the finals to win the open class.  

Here is his set-up that he has kindly shared

Lots to digest there. 

The roll centre's are very high. Looking at the tyres it seems that this could be to work the tyres harder. This couples up with narrow hex's that provide more grip. The Axon Gold springs do seem to be popular, I must try to find some to try on my TRF420X

Well done to Kawata-San  and all of of the other Tamiya TRF drivers at the event. There was a great showing with two TRF420X's in the open final and another two in the S-EX final (Blinky). 

TRF420 4272886273305823403

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