Tamiya TT02 48DP and 64DP Stealth gear charts.

TT02's are the ultimate spec class race car. That is why many racers have one of these little Tamiya's as a second car. With that in mind, when it comes to playing with the gearing many will not have the suitable range of 0.6 mod pinions unless they are a Tamiya enthusiast. 

Well, now you won't have to worry about that. As here is a chart that will allow you to run the industry standard 64 and 48dp spurs and pinions with the standard Tamiya motor mount. 

You will need to however have the Tamiya 54500 High speed gear set to provide you with the ability to fit the correct spur gears. 

A few things that have informed these charts. The spur gears and pinions on these charts will fit under the original gear cover. If you file the inside, cut it open etc then you can go bigger with the pinion and smaller with the spur for even lower FDR's

So if you want to play with your gearing, or maybe have a stealth  TT02 to surprise your friends... take a look at the charts below.

There are a few disclaimers.. I have tried several of these combinations, but not all of them.. if you find good alternatives then please let me know. 

Things to look out for.

The constraints are that the spur and the pinion have to still fit in the car and not rub on the gear cover. So for 64 DP, the largest pinion you can fit it 48t and the largest Spur is 107t.  The 48DP is 35t pinion and the largest spur is 80t. That is why I have used these in the charts below.

If you look at the section called total teeth, you can theoretically use any combination of spur and pinion as long as you maintain that amount of total teeth and do not go over the maximum size the spur and pinions in the chart. 

For example.. In position A, for 64DP, the total teeth is 130. So you can use any combination of spur and pinion if you have your motor in position A as long as it totals 130t. So you could have a 48t pinion and a 82t spur gear in the A position (Total of 130t), it would give you a F.D.R of 4.4 :)

So as you can see, lots of combinations and things to try

Have fun, and please don't cheat if you are doing a spec class.

TT02 3019464328612606613

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