TheRcRacer Tamiya TRF201 carbon front Tower coming soon

This year I have decided to get back into doing some off road racing.. it's been a long time and most of my previous experience was running 4WD.  Nowadays 2WD is the most popular class.. I might end up running a Tamiya TD2, however in the meantime I have dug out my TRF211xm for some bouncy action.

One of the things that soon became apparent is that spares are not that common. I had a broken front tower and trying to find a replacement was almost impossible. Luckily my buddy Lee came to the rescue with a new sprue. 

However this made me panic, so I thought I would draw up a carbon fibre replacement as there are none available. 

So here is the latest version of the tower, ready to go to Fibrelyte ready to be made in 4mm carbon fibre. 

The tower has a range of different roll centre adjustments based on the settings that seem to have been popular in many of the existing set-ups. I need to still run the carbon part in anger on a track to refine it further, but it seems to be ok so far. 

I will post back a final article with the ordering info / rough price etc very soon. Also will give you some of the information on some of the slightly different features that this tower provides. 

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