Tamiya BT-01 2WD 1/10 chassis first photos

No other RC manufacturer is as prolific as Tamiya when it comes to providing new chassis. As 2023 starts to draw to an end, they have teased another new chassis that could be something pretty special for cheap club racing thrills.


The Tamiya BT-01 Chassis looks like a 1/10 touring size version of the recently released MB-01 chassis. It will have a 2WD drive train that can allow you to run power through the rear wheels or the front wheels. 

The chassis is revised to give a longer wheelbase, and it also has new arms that look beefy and have upper droop screw adjustments.  

Assuming the internal components are shared with the TT02 (Like the MB-01), you will have a plethora of option parts to use to tune the chassis further. 

The new suspension arms are interesting. they are the same front and rear. It looks like the screws are used to attach other parts onto. It also has inner shock mounts.. maybe for Rally or raised height.

If they get the pricing right, this could lead to a popular stock class, where you have to run scale shells with the correct FWD or RWD set-up.

Here you can see the configuration for both rear and front motors

Click here for the official Product info (BT-01 Tamiya details)

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