Tamiya TRF421 Tweak adapter released and free download

As you all know, here at TheRcRacer we always care about taking our cars to the track and not leaving them on a shelf. 

With that in mind, most racers will know the benefits of having  a tweak alignment tool. If you have a large collision, it is useful to ensure that the car has not tweaked. This can cause the car to drift, and impede the smoothness of the drivetrain. With the right tools, it's easy to check your chassis is easily aligned. 

Well courtesy of TheRcRacer contributor Dominik Ruff, here is a tweak adapter for the new Tamiya TRF421. Even better, it's a free download so you can just get it printed out on your (or a friends), 3D printer. 

Click image to download

You just need to download the free STL file in the picture above. Print two and away you go.

Blue might well be a better colour than orange ;)

As you can see the alignment tool has a little lip that will sit on the top of your bulkhead and clear your diffs and spur. 

So just loosen your bulkhead and top deck screws and slide in the blocks

Here it is attached to the front bulkhead

And here is the other one attached to the rear of the TRF421

With both attached, place you stiff tweak rod down (Fnarr Fnarr), press firmly to ensure everything is straight and flat and re-tighten the screws. 

Have fun, and thanks again to Dominik Ruf.. More Tamiya TRF421 things coming very soon. 
TRF421 738426099295363474

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