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Tamiya Suspension Mount Ultimate setting Guide and charts

The Tamiya suspension mounts are a powerful tuning option to help you refine the way in which ...


47339 Tamiya TT-02 Lower Deck (Hard / Blue)

I am a big fan of the TT-02. It's a versatile and fun chassis and it is also a popular begin...


RugRacers 2016/2017 Round 4

Welcome back for Round 4 of RugRacers & the 1 st one of 2017, doesn’t seem that long ago that ...


Unique Tamiya TRF spotted at DHI Cup

Recently at the DHI race weekend in Denmark there was a new Tamiya TRF car driving around the track....


The Science of Setup: Part 4 - Overall Suspension Stiffness

This is an ongoing series of articles written by its creator Bob Wright. You can download a  free tr...


Tamiya TA-04 SS Build tips and Race Review

In the inaugural IconicRC cup, the rules stipulate that no Tamiya cars post 2005 are allowed to c...


Tamiya America message About the future of TRF

Tamiya America has now given us more information about Tamiya Racing Factory. Here is the stat...


Cheerson CX-10W Nano FPV Drone Review

Drones are great! As a racer I have been playing with FPV racing drones this year and I hope to c...


A Message From Tamiya Racing Factory ( TRF ) Future plans

After all the rumour, we now have the following statement from Tamiya Japan regarding its Tam...


RugRacers 2016/2017 Round 3

Round 3 and the final round before the christmas break saw a full capacity entry alon...

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Tamiya TL-01 LA Tips build and review.

The TL01 platform is one of Tamiya's most popular older chassis. It has been used for loads of cars and it was lightweight and suprisin...

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