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Tamiya TRF419X / WS Rear Carpet brace

The TRF419X runs really well on many surfaces. However on mid to high grip carpet the stock carbon chassis can make the car prone to gri...


1/12 F1 Stock Car World Championship Race Report

UK drivers dominate 1/12 F1 Stock Car World Championship in Holland as Rob Teuke and Dylan Ashurst take the honours The 2017 World C...


Tamiya TRF419XR setting sheet

Here is the Tamiya TRF419XR setting sheet. As you can see there are many more attachment points along the centre spline of the chassis...


Christian Donath Löffle Cup Estenfeld TRF419XR set-up

Christian Donath had an almost perfect weekend as he debuted his Tamiya TRF419XR running an alloy chassis at the  Löffle Cup at the Est...


RugRacers 2017-2018 Round 2

Round 2, In the 13.5 Blinky class,  Zak Finlay picked up right where he left off last round taking FTQ to place his Xray on Pole just ahead...


84433 Tamiya TA-07 R Details, and new hop ups

The TA07 pro is a great kit for anyone who wants to enter the world of 1/10 RC onroad racing. We are big fans of it here. I've just been...


Infinity IF14 Build review and Settings Part 3 Race Reports

At the Track, Infinity IF14 Race report We really wanted to explore the potential of the Infinity IF14 so here is a rather in-dept race re...


F1 Stock Car – 2017 1/12 World Championship

This is the big one on the 1/12 scale calendar, where the F1 Stock Car’s battle to win the World Championship and take the coveted Gold r...


RugRacers 2017-2018 Round 1

At the 1 st round of the series Zak Finlay got himself off to an excellent start taking FTQ in the highly competitive 13.5 Blinky Category...


Toyota Tamiya Hilux Big Bruiser 1:1 scale 4X4 Pick up Truck

Big Bruiser, Toyota pays tribute to Tamiya by producing a full size Bruiser Following on from the Little and Large videos that we he...

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Tamiya Suspension Mount Ultimate setting Guide and charts

The Tamiya suspension mounts are a powerful tuning option to help you refine the way in which your car will handle on the track. They ...

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