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Belgian Nationals RND4 - MRG Genk Florian Joos TRF419X race report

Florian Joos participated with this Tamiya TRF419X WS at the penultimate round of the Belgian nationals, held at the fast track of MRG Ge...


Tamiya Porsche 934 Black edition 40th Anniversary kit.

I got this message from Tamiya, so I thought I would share it with you whilst on Holiday. Here is the Tamiya Black Edition 934 40th Ann...


WL Toys 1/28 RC CAR Review K979 P939 P929

I have a soft spot for small RC cars. Maybe it's because I just cannot get enough track time, so I like the idea of a car that I can...


ETS Rd6 Germany Christian Donath TRF419X set-up

Tamiya racer Christian Donath was racing at the Minidrom Ettlingen in Germany for the final race of the 2017 ETS season. The challeng...


Tamiya M05 v2 guide, Setup, Mods, tuning and racing tips.

The Tamiya M-Series is probably the most popular global stock class out there. The diminutive cars are cheap, easy to maintain and fun to...


Editable Tamiya M-07 Concept Setting Sheet download

We are busy working on the M-07 concept review here. These in-depth reviews take most of my free time, so whilst working on that we want...


42315 Tamiya TB Evo.7 chassis detailed photos and layouts

Tamiya has released a few more pictures of the exciting TB Evo 7 chassis. This time it shows us more detail on the innovative way in which...


Tamiya TB Evo 07 first Picture details and closer look

Here is the first picture of the exciting TB Evo 07 from Tamiya. The TB evolution cars have a long history, and they have historically...


Iconic cup 2017 R4 West London Andy Travis Race Report

The final round of the 2017 Iconic cup took us to WestLondon on the 18 th June. Although it has the nickname of ‘Wet London’ due to t...


Tamiya TB Evo 7 announced

Tamiya has announced a new TB Evolution touring car. No details yet other than its coming. but it's cool to here that another top end TC...

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Tamiya Suspension Mount Ultimate setting Guide and charts

The Tamiya suspension mounts are a powerful tuning option to help you refine the way in which your car will handle on the track. They ...

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