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Rug Racers 2016-2017 Round 1 Race Report

The 1 st round of the series got underway with the GT12s 1 st to hit the track, notably more...


Exotek 1697 Aluminium Tamiya C hubs Review

Exotek are renowned for their tuning parts including the EXO-6 chassis conversion for the Tamiya...


Tamiya TRF419X Torque link

As our chassis get more floppy there are times where you might have a bit too much flex. Most tun...


Tamiya TRF419X Ellenstedt High Grip carpet set-up

With winter coming it's time for us to be having more rug action than normal, so Micheal Pode...


Fantom FR1 17.5 Type M-Spec Brushless Motor review

Fantom is a brand that has been around for a long time, and I was a massive fan of their brushed ...


Competition Tamiya TRF419X prototype part Giveaway

Been busy on track trying some new parts for the TRF419X. As it the case with these things I do need...


Tamiya RC Clodbuster, Frog and Super Champ made in Lego

There are a lot of Lego creations out there on the internet, however some that are off interest ...


Tamiya 1/10 Raikiri Bodyshell Review

The Raikiri has been a Tamiya shell that I have been really excited about trying once it was ann...


R.I.P. Brett 'Brum' Davis & memorial race

Sad news to report of the passing of Brett Davis. Brett has been involved in the RC racing scene f...


BTCC 2016 WLRC Daniel Bookers Championship Winning TRF419X setup

Last weekend the West London Race Centre hosted the final round of the BTCC touring car champi...

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Tamiya DT02 Guide, Mods tuning and tips for club racing review

Overview The Tamiya DT02 series is a very popular range within their line-up of entry level RC cars, in some ways it is the TT02 of the...

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