3 racing F1 car is released

The 3Racing (KIT-F109) F1-09 1/10 RC Formula 1 Car EP have just arrived. Overview 3RACING is one of the most famous RC optional parts manufa...

The 3Racing (KIT-F109) F1-09 1/10 RC Formula 1 Car EP have just arrived.

3RACING is one of the most famous RC optional parts manufacturers in the world. We have over 20 years of experience in the RC industry, that we are extremely familiar with the essential RC racing technologies. Today we like to announce the birth of our complete RC car kit - the ALL-NEW F109 1/10 Formula 1.

Formula 1 is the highest class of car racing in the world. We are very pleased to introduce the new 1/10 scale F1 kit, which is a high quality, durable, and extremely fast car offering the best possible handling at a highly competitive price.

Tweaking System

The traditional T-Plate design has been given up on the F109. Instead, a special mechanism basing on ball joint is used as the tweaking system to make the chassis more durable and stable. The new rear chassis design deploys a composite of a pair of ball joints and central pivot ball, plus side spring and monoshock as absorber and buffer. The up-and-down rear movement can be controlled entirely through the high capacity central shock.

Motor Mount
The motor mount was built using high quality 6061-T6 aluminum with a very versatile design. The height of the rear wing is also adjustable V it can be adjusted with 3 different degrees of up-and-down movement using axle adaptor 0, 1 and 2. It is fully tunable for meeting the demands of the modern day racing environments.

Weight Centralized
The battery is centrally mounted through a special Quick Change feature, allowing fast and easy battery replacement without the need to struggle through the limited space. As the battery is centrally oriented, weight can be centralized to allow for better control of the car as a whole.

Suspension System
The front suspension system is highly flexible in that camber adjustment is fully allowed. Springs of different stiffness are included in the package so you may fine tune the system as you see fit without the need to shop for alternative shock absorbers from somewhere else.

The chassis is built with 2.5mm fiber glass material which is strong and light-weight, and is much less costly when compared with its graphite counterpart. The car was tested with a high speed brushless system and the chassis was found to be of sufficient strength for sustaining the stress and load brought by the brushless horsepower.

# Precision cut FRP 2.5mm main chassis and 2.0mm upper desk.
# King pin coil spring independently front suspension.
# Rear suspension uses friction dampers and floating mono shock.
# Aluminum mono shock.
# Aluminum ball differential.
# Full ball bearings.
# Longitudinally placed servo (Isometric steering load applied).
# Lightweight differential joint.
# Height adjustable alloy gear case.
# Rear suspension ball mount.
# Realistic detailed lexan polycarbonate body.
# Front and rear wings.
# Front and rear foam tires and rims.
# ESC, 2-channel R/C system, 7.2V battery and charger separately required.


Scale 1/10
Steering Direct steering with servo saver.
Suspension Front king ping coil spring.
Central shock.
Shocks Floating mono damper.
Transmission Direct drive 2WD.
Gear Ratio 96/23
Length 450mm
Width 200mm
Height 110mm
Wheelbase 270mm
Tread (F) 167mm
Tread (R) 155mm
Tire Width F 30mm; R 45mm
Tire Size F 57mm; R 57mm
Overall Weight 610g
Shell Weight 42g
Net Weight 568g
Specification maybe subject to change.

Source: 3Racing

The cost should be arounf £99 in the UK. This is going to be a fantastic bargin for the winter seasons racing.
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