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Not forgotten about this site, just been busy with non rc stuff. Eventually started building the F109.. its already looking ace so expect ...

Not forgotten about this site, just been busy with non rc stuff.

Eventually started building the F109.. its already looking ace so expect pics / build and review soonish.

In the meantime as there is a lot of talk in the office about Back to the future I thought it would be interesting to predict what things would be like on 21st October 2015 for the world of RC cars.

1. Nimhs will be extinct: The days of matched batteries will be long gone. Everyone will use Life or Lipo batteries in race cars. Even 1/12 stock cars will have made the move to brushless motors and lipo batteries (In hard cases after one in a soft case goes pop in a collision).

2. There will be no Crystals: 2.4ghz radios will become very cheap and everyone will use them.

3: Mardave will rule the world: Ok not actually that, but I think one of the barriers for onroad racing is cost and Mardaves with their V12 will become a popular entry level class for beginners to race onroad because it is cheap and fun.

4: F1 will have UK nationals again: It seems to be getting popular again and if this momentum keeps going we will soon get a national series all off our own.

5: Slow will be the new fast: 10.5 motors will become too quick for clubs, so we will run slower brushless motors, then the speed controllers will also make things quicker (Super added software punch!) and then we will ban that as well because our cars will easily be able to do 88mph indoors :)

6: 100mph R.T.R cars: Cars can already do 70+ mph and technically brushless motors with large batteries should easily be able to go really fast. So I imagine all R.T.R manufacturers will be after making a car that would be able to do over 100mph as that would be quite tempting for people who are not into the hobby.

7: RC will be banned in public places: See above there could be a spate of bad accidents where people are irresponsible with their 100mph cars!

8: Touring chassis will look different: The move to new batteries and brushless motors will make some designers look at how they can move the weight around to get a better balanced car. One belt designs, or maybe even shaft drive cars will come back?

9: Nitro cars will not exist: Brushless cars will be faster, more reliable and a lot less noisy, so why run nitro?

10: And for the Oh I wish I had put money on that prediction... Tamiya will win the next 1/10 worlds: Marc Rheinard is on fire and the TRF is still the best car out there, they could win all the 3 worlds between now and 2015.

Ok so now let's see if I remember about this (or even this blog) in 6 years time!

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