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Following on from the shell review, I  got in contact with Controlfreax to ask them more about their plans for the future Q- Tell us abo...

Following on from the shell review, I  got in contact with Controlfreax to ask them more about their plans for the future

Q- Tell us about yourself
My name is Lewis Barton and I’m a professional model maker, working on automotive prototype and alike. Controlfreax is a side line/hobby that I started work on when I noticed there were some gaps in the market for quality models. The first kind for body shells I found it hard to find were things like the Ford RS200 and Metro 6R4... load of great British retro stuff that would make stunning RC cars.

Q- What are you setting out to do with ControlFreax
We’ve released our RS200 to get some feel back in understand demand, with the view of bring out other body shells this year. Our aim at Controlfreax is to expand our product range but keep great quality with high detail and accuracy in the cars we produce.

Q- Can you describe the process on how you create your shells? (decals etc)
The molds at controlfreax are all scratch built using traditional model making techniques although we sometime use SLA technology the create details and lettering. Once we are happy with the master mould we make an aluminium epoxy cast ready to forming over. The graphic are made by hand and forwarded to our illustrator who recreates them in adobe illustrator before going to print. This process often needs to be repeated more than once to get them right, and we are working hard to prefect it.

Q- The RS200 is a classic Rally car, will you be doing more classic cars?
Our RS200 is a classic Group B rally car from the mid 80’s, a crazy era that I’m a big fan of. I would certainly like to bring out a range of Group B cars, next in line is the 6R4. Also I would like to see iconic cars like the mk2 Escort and Talbot Sunbeam being made. The list goes on and on....

Q- Will you be doing modern cars as well as classic cars?
As well as classics there are more modern cars to consider. Demand is being shown for popular drift cars for example, cars such as the Skyline R32 and R33 and even the 86 Corolla (RWD).

Q- Will these fit all std 1/10 chassis? 
Most of the body shells Controlfreax are going to bring out will be 1:10 (190/257mm), although our Metro 6R4 will hopefully be Available for 257mm TC chassis as well as the 225mm M-chassis. Although we have an open ear and our products will be based around demand.

Q- Can you let us know what your next few releases will be?
In terms of what we would like to get released this year, next out is the Metro 6R4 hopefully by the end of April, then later in the year the mk2 Escort and sierra RS500.

Q- Your pricing is really good for your bodysets, is this just an introductory rate or will you always try to provide such great value?
It’s fair to say we are not making big margins at the moment but we felt it was important to be very competitively priced from the outset. After all we are trying to get Controlfreax the brand into the market. We hope our margins will come as production runs increase and there for always be able to offer good value.

Q- Anything else you would like to add?
Check out are web site and feel free to leave your comments and suggestions at http://www.controlfreax.com

Q- Any spy shots of new shells?

Check out this pic J

trf 6083726594692198177

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  1. Dear RCRacerMan,

    I´m Andrew from Czech Republic, and I´m interested to get in touch with this RC Body producer. But the web page is not working (www.controlfreax.com). Don´t know what happened, but if you have any chance to give me some contact on Mr. Lewis Barton it will be nice. I would like to ask him if there is possibility to buy something from his products. Can you drop me an e-mail on odockal@seznam.cz

    Kind regards,


  2. Hi,

    I will try to contact him through his email, and let you know.


    1. Hello,

      thank you I appreciate it. Maybe you know other producers, who produces MG Metro, or other interesting "historic" bodies - like Renault R5 Turbo, Audi S1 or others...

      Regards, Andrew

  3. I am also wanting to buy a ControlFreaks 6R4 body. Who currently sells them?

  4. Can we buy these ControlFreaks bodies direct from Lewis Barton? Is there a website that we can contact him from?

    1. I do not think he is making these any more I am afraid :(

  5. looking forward to the launch of MG Metro 6R4. hope it come to HK soon.



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