Xray T3 2012 Build Thread - Step Two

Continuing from Step 1 here Step Two then, Central Transmission, that’s belts, layshaft and diff/axle mounted onto the chas...

Central Transmission, that’s belts, layshaft and diff/axle mounted onto the chassis and shock towers.

Firstly I build the layshaft and got terribly confused when the manual say “ Note the orientation of the spur gear, only for offset spur gears”. Do I have a offset spur gear? I build it then took apart again because I’d convinced myself that it didn’t look right. The answer was no I don’t have a offset spur, confimed by studying the manual a bit more. 

With the layshaft built, I moved onto mounting it all. I’d already fitted my bulkheads back on. I fitted the aluminium holders as instructed. Pop the layshaft bearings on, put rear belt round it, pop it in the car and fix it in. Then take it apart because I’ve not put the front belt in. After realising and correcting my amateurish mistake, I set about mounting the diff. Built as per the manual, I like the idea but very fiddly. The hubs didn’t want to slide in straight, and then trying to line them up without taking them back out was a challenge. Got there in the end.  Rear belt seems a bit tight to me but I shall seek the advice of a current Xray driver to check this. Fitted the upper parts of the bulkhead, done.
All left to do is to fit the shock towers. Now Step zero was to seal the chassis because its carbon fibre. So why doesn’t the manual say seal the shock towers?  I decided I would anyway so after that I fitted them to the chassis and hey presto. Step Two Completed.

Next is suspension arms,

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