3 New Tamiya Chassis coming Soon

Tamiya have 3 exciting new chassis being released at the 2012 Shizuoka Model fair. A new F104, completely re-designed. A new drifter a...

Tamiya have 3 exciting new chassis being released at the 2012 Shizuoka Model fair.

A new F104, completely re-designed. A new drifter and a special rally chassis. Personally I'm excited to see them all, and I can tell you now that I will be getting the Rally Chassis as RC rallying used to be my all time favourite hobby... Hopefully they will re-release the Escort RS Cosworth rally shell to go with it.

Pictures to follow soon, but here is the Google translated text.

Tamiya XV-01 PRO Chassis Kit
Off-road and parking, a multi-purpose chassis rally appeared.
Adopted the suspension only increase the dust covered some excellent chassis structure, in the dirt.
Driven layout is put on the front overhang and weight of the motor is belt drive, run a certain sense of stability even realize.The PRO chassis kit was equipped with a standard OP enhance TRF damper parts, such as a belt drive shaft universal and improved, the quality of the ride.

Finished in compact gear box while keeping the front motor
split into upper and lower motor is adopted considering the maintainability of the gear. OP was prepared as off-road parts to the road surface changes from moment to moment is essential, a slipper clutch also.

Radio box (chassis)
Dust-proof radio box that are friendly to the most anxious in the off-road riding.
Also equipped with four-wheel inner fender, each hatch is screwed.
The space is also equipped with ESC-like duct removable cover, we have also taken into account design and exhaust heat.

The battery is the battery access hatch
chassis from the bottom.
As an internal structure with a packing cover, radio box and leads, in the hatch has also been completed at the connector connection.

Adopt a long steering tie rod steering
proven in touring car.
Structure difficult to lock the discharge port is provided, such as pebbles at the bottom of the chassis.
Only type suitable for off-road riding with improved suspension arms also covered some also.

Rear suspension rear suspension geometry was adopted
Stroke in addition to securing a higher ride height in mind off-road riding, you can quickly adjust the toe angle as well as another body in the suspension mounts.

Part XV-01 PRO Chassis Kit as standard
  • TRF damper
  • Universal 4-wheel shaft
  • Full Ball Bearings
  • Enhanced belt drive
  • Aluminum Turnbuckle (Blue)
Tamiya TA05-VDF2
Please look forward to an aggressive chassis design gives a surprise to what you see! !
Evolved into a more aggressive "TA05-VDF" was Todorokase its name as a high-end machine drift.
Lower Deck 2.5mm carbon chassis in order to generate a proactive role, became the new shape is bold without meat cutting,

We design and configuration and the pursuit of flexibility, such as the upper frame is single and over.
New design that emphasizes the role aluminum motor mount is also located in the front mid further.
Was also involved in making and look to more than VDF, such as adding a center belt was also down to spar Rowadekki position is also fixed with two screws.
Steering system is also of course play an important role while up the angle adjustment, as can also be changed to correspond to grip Ackerman,
Success in stage Almighty can be expected.

Rear suspension is a combination drive system
most prone to drift before the ball diff, and later direct.
37T drive ratio changes before and after, the center 18T.
Knapp chain suspension is also possible to their liking in the wide range of parts along with the equipment of enhancement OP Ribasasu short, TRF damper shaft and universal, such as aluminum turn buckle also.

And feeling more natural drift in the review of part
link steering unit, steering wiper made ​​of aluminum.
It is also possible to grip part of the specification and Ackerman link by recombinant also.

The motor mount
Aluminum motor mount has undergone a big change from VDF.
You try to bring down three belt with spur that was on the motor position, you place the center belt.
Please see the mosquito single upper frame, and mount two stop this, a thorough commitment to the chassis roll.

Tamiya F104 ver.II
"F104ver.II" produce the running of high-dimensional link-type rear suspension

Please look forward to a new F104 chassis has undergone a transformation of degree can be said that nearly a full model change! !

F104 chassis is even better.
Obtained was adopted in the RM-01 chassis "(= PBLR) link rear suspension pivot ball", in the high-dimensional setting is possible.
Mainframe and connect the rear section is pivot ball, spring roll and by the link bar on both sides, control,
Equipped with a rolling and pitching damper damper also.
Rowadekki become a new shape by adopting PBLR Center also serves as 3mm thick carbon upper deck, the damper mount integrated mechanical space,
By mounting plate made of carbon as well as body, plays a lighter weight and rigidity.
Also details such as brush up over the wall thickness of the ball diff housing.
In addition, practice kit with built-in OP various parts beginning with the RM-01 aluminum rolling / pitching F104 aluminum suspension mounts and dampers.

And pitching / rolling around the rear damper, rear side link section method was adopted.
Fit over the wall thickness of aluminum diff joint, and the adoption of the TRF417 Diff plate, enhancing effect more def.

Center upper deck
Center for 2mm thick carbon upper deck (also for TRF damper) will contribute to the reliable operation equipped with an aluminum damper mount
As part of a hole-shaped notched screws, the battery can be removed easily.

Appearance changed significantly by the adoption pivot ball from under the chassis
Battery that is mounted vertically fixed by the glass to stop the tape in two places.
Has also become possible with such LF3700.

Optional parts as standard equipment
  • SP.1000 High Torque Servo Saver (Black)
  • Ball Diff Plate SP.1442 TRF417
  • OP.1154 F103 carbon reinforced front upright
  • Aluminum Horn for High Torque Servo Saver OP.1159 (F104)
  • OP.1161 F104 Suspension Low Friction Ball Set
  • OP.1202 F104 aluminum upper suspension mount
  • OP.1240 F104 wheel clamp stopper
  • OP.1341 RM-01 Aluminum Damper Set pitching
  • OP.1342 RM-01 Aluminum Damper Set Roll
  • 3 × 35mm Aluminum Turnbuckle Shaft
  • 5 × 5mm fluorine pillow-ball court
  • 5 × 8mm fluorine pillow-ball court
  • Pillow-ball nut 5mm Court fluorine
  • Strengthening 5mm Adjuster
  • Spare wheel F104 (Silver)
New parts
  • 3mm thick carbon lower deck
  • Short front 2mm thick carbon upper deck
  • Carbon upper deck center thickness 2mm (damper mount plate)
  • 3mm thick carbon body mount plate
  • F104Ver.II aluminum diff housing
XV-01 3787344344655459037

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