Xray T3 2012 Build Thread - Step Five

back to step 4 here Shocks, I like building shocks. its like a science. I'm used to building associated shocks tho which have a p...

back to step 4 here

Shocks, I like building shocks. its like a science.

I'm used to building associated shocks tho which have a particular name that i cant remember. Xray shock are bladder type ones, this is something new to me but all good.

First job is to build the shafts, I was recommend to go for the fixed three holes pistons, as 99% of my racing will be at Ardent(www.ardentracing.com).

Once the shaft are done, time to build the bodies. This is where the shock of my experiences differ. These have a bottom cap that covers the shaft oil seal as the other type don't, everything fit inside the bodies. Couple of things i notice in this stage, firstly the manual tell you to put the shaft into the body. its easier not too nor put the preload threaded collar on either. The manual lists an optional tool to fit the end cap and my word is that tool worth 5.99 I believe it costs. By the time you have got the that stage, your fingers are oily from the lube you've put on the threads. So gripping a oily shock bodies while trying to twist the cap is nigh on impossible.

Once I'd done that tho, I had a brain fart and decided I'd build the shafts wrong so I stripped one down again, read the instructions again and decided i hadn't build it incorrect after all so I rebuilt it again.

Time to thread the ball joints on, my brain fart continues as i spend a good half hour trying to thread them on without prestarting them as it says in the manual. I'm not perfect, far from it!

I filled them with oil. This is a huge plus point for this style of shock because the other type uses a piece of foam in side and this holds air so bleeding the shock can be a painfully slow process. However with this style there isn't any trapped air so it all good. Setting the rebound is easy enough, i built them with 100% as per the manual. The idea is you adjust afterwards but i'm blown if i was taking the end cap off again to adjust it until i get my hands on the shock tool!

So all built, springs on, ready to fit to the car!

on to step 6 here

Xray 35836219513575664

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