TT02 initial race report.

So as promised I took the TT02 out to see how it performs at the track. I took it to my local club http://www.stockportmcc.org.uk/  a ...

So as promised I took the TT02 out to see how it performs at the track.

I took it to my local club http://www.stockportmcc.org.uk/ a great RC club with a very friendly atmosphere, there is always a good mix of people there, from beginners to seasoned pros all big fans of the hobby and always very helpful to newcomers and each other.

When I arrived with the car, everyone was interested in looking at the chassis, many had owned a TT01 and were impressed with all of the subtle improvements, and overall refinements to the TT02.

The track is not that large, which leads to a Carpet track that is very technical and some very unforgiving boards. To get ready for the night I fitted an old TC shell, some very used Sorex 28's and popped in an Ez-run 16t brushless combo I had from my F109.

All the rest was box stock, Friction shocks, gearing etc, I just wanted to see how it handled out of the box.

Race 1

So here I was on the starting grid waiting for the countdown, as the tone echoed out i hit the throttle and the car raced off the line.

First thing up, let me tell you this car is quiet, This shows you that the revised drive train is slop free and very efficient. Any concerns about still having a plastic prop were duly dispensed as the car was very nimble and responsive with the brushless set-up.

It took me a few laps to get used to the car (No practice as I arrived late). The handling is very neutral even with thisincreased brushless speed, the pogo shocks were fine with the carpet surface and they were getting some heat into the tyres as it started squealing in some corners.

However, the rest of the first race was a little patchy, although it was not down to the car, but the servo, it seemed to not actually steer at times so after a quick post race inspection it was just the servo plug not firmly plugged in the receiver (Doh!)

Race 2

For the second race I had got into the groove, the car was impressing me with its form, the front end was giving me loads of steering as it was digging in so I raced around it by taking more gradual and even smoother racing lines. In this race I managed to come 2nd, 1 lap behind the X-ray T3 in my heat.

Race 3

The third race I made a small set-up change. The TT02 has different suspension settings on its tower (well 2 but its better than 1 that was on the TT01). So I moved out the front shocks to the outer setting to stiffen the shocks movement to stop the front end having all of that initial steering.

The change went well and I was ahead of the X-ray by the third lap, but then more problems.. My lipo was flat (I had been busy at work do hadn't charged it the night before). I quickly retired and then put the batteries on charge for the last race.

Race 4 

So the last race came, so I raced it hard and the car was really impressive. The geometry change at the front really helped and I was able to hold much more corner speed, but still flick the car to rotate on the tight sections. I was really enjoying this, the car was performing well above my expectations for its first race night.

First Nights Impressions

Overall I for the night I was 6th out of a field of 20 or so racers. The heat I was in was mixed with a range of cars from an F1, TC's and event a buggy! (I asked to not go in the normal heat I race as I no idea on how the car would cope) so there were more collisions than normal due to cars taking very different lines. There are definitely even more laps I could have got out of the car in normal circumstances.

This was with a Stock TT02 with no hop-ups and the std Kit gearing !So first impressions at the track are very impressive. The drive train is efficient with brushless, and there is no flex on the prop like the TT01 :)

Next up I'm just going to keep it simple (maybe change the gearing) and see what a calm nights racing can achieve  :)

You can buy TT02's from Fusion Hobbies Here

TT02 8007974797285001484

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