How to Gear a TT02 for 17.5t Blinky with the std Motor Mount

RC Racer Tip - How to gear a TT02 for 17.5t Blinky The TT02 is a great entry level car, as mentioned in our Review . When it comes to raci...

RC Racer Tip - How to gear a TT02 for 17.5t Blinky

The TT02 is a great entry level car, as mentioned in our Review. When it comes to racing there is unlikely going to be many entered in Mod races with their 4.5t motors. It will be the excellent Blinky class that will likely attract many TT02 owners. The following mod will allow you to set your TT02 up with a FDR of 4.35 which will be suitable for entering in a 17.5 blinky race.

To do this you will need the following:
  • Tamiya 54500 TT02 high speed gear set (Reviewed Here)
  • 82t 64dp Spur gear (I used a RW racing spur)
  • 49t 64dp Pinion gear (I used a RW racing Pinion)
You need to fit the 82t pinion

Then fit the motor into the mount with the holes in the 16t pinion holes

As you can see its a perfect fit, the gears are smooth and spin freely.

Then screw everything back in place. Make sure that you do not over-tighten the D3 part (The motor mount / Spur cover). I have seen people go crazy with the screws here and it can warp this part. Screw the opposite screws in until they are firm and leave it. If you keep going and make it too tight, you can create a kink and you may get the pinion rubbing in the mount.

I have raced this for a whole evening and the car ran well. The Plastic mount needs you to ensure the motor doesn't get too hot. I would run a fan on the motor if you found the temps really high.

So there you have it, this will help you compete with the other cars at the Track with Blinky. Obviously if you want to spend more money you can get the Yeah Racing Adjustable TT02 mount which will allow even more gearing options.

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  1. how about the noise usually happen on shaft chassis than the belt chassis,, is that gear change reducing the noise? thx

  2. Yes running 64dp gears does reduce some of the sound of the drivetrain. More importantly it allows you to fine tune your gearing options.

  3. I have a few questions... I am looking at getting an RTR TT-02 XB Built Pro from Japan since the selection of TT-02 RTR's is very limited from the Tamiya USA.

    I won't be using this particular car for racing, I will pick up a Type S for that.

    Anyway this will be mainly a fun car that will see bike paths/hiking trails and both indoor and outdoor 1/8-1/10 scale off-road tracks.

    Where should the FDR be for good straight speeds yet enough torque to easily clear doubles?

    I will use all your other suggestions to tighten up the slop, steering feel and freeing up suspension movement.

    This will be using the kit's stock 540-J motor.


  4. I don't think you will be able to directly use the authors FDR for a type B TT02 due to the larger wheel diameters and the extra weight. I'd recommend starting with the ratio available using the gears in the high speed gear set and going up and down from there.

  5. Today I have tried to install above mentioned pinion and spur gear in my TT-02 R. I used a 48t 64dp instead of the 49 described.
    First I was puzzled that it doesn't work, there was no play at all between the gears. After some checking and playing around I have found the issue. The Tamiya aluminum motor mount I am using differs from the Kit's plastic part. The holes for 16t pinion in the plastic mount are meant for an 18t pinion on the aluminium mount. Wasn't aware of this, thought they are same apart from material.
    After more playing around, I ended up with an 88t/64dp spur gear and a 48t/64dp pinion mounted in the holes marked with "23" on the aluminum mount. Fits absolutely perfect and results in a FDR of 4.76.



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