Tamiya 54500 TT02 High Speed gear set Review

TT02 - High Speed Gear Set Review The TT02 is still new to the market, so Hop-ups are now only starting to appear. One of the most importa...

TT02 - High Speed Gear Set Review

The TT02 is still new to the market, so Hop-ups are now only starting to appear. One of the most important ones is this. The tt02 High speed Gear set (68T)

As you can see it contains everything you need to fit a standard spur gear into the TT02. This is a big deal, the TT01 never was able to do this without some very elaborated home made mods.

So lets check it out.

As you can see from the instructions it very simple to fit. The instructions do recommend replacing a bushing with a bearing (Although I already fitted bearings in the car so this wasn't a problem). Its not necessary to replace if you still have bushings but it helps everything run smoother and faster.

The parts are all nicely packaged. The Spur that comes with this set is 68t and is still 0.6 Mod like the std car.

As you can see the FDR will now be 8.04 with this gear set fitted and the kit 22t pinion. This will give you more top speed than the std gearing of the kit TT02 (8.27) but it is not a massive jump. The importance of this upgrade is the spur holder.

Changing the spur on the TT02

A major advantage of the TT02 is that the chassis allows you to quickly get at the diffs, so I was able to remove the rear diff cover and the motor mount cover in a couple of minutes.
The TT02 is much easier to service than the TT01
Now we need to fir the spur gear onto the spur holder with the flat headed screws included.

The shaft has a blue spacer, just fit this and then pop the pin through and slide the spur gear holder back through.

Here is the new assembly. Time to pop it back in the car.
Fit this back in the car, and away you go.


This is a great hop-up and it allows many more possible gearing possibilities. There is one issue though. The STD Tamiya Motor Mount has fixed mount holes. There is a fantastic Hop-up from Yeah racing that is an adjustible TT02 motor mount (Review very soon). Hopefully Tamiya will also follow suit with a racer's aluminum mount. But for now if you want to use a different spur and the std mount you will have to experiment.

If you want to Race your TT02 you really should get this hop-up. Combined with the TT02 adjustable mount it will be fantastic, however by itself it is still good for many more gearing combinations.

You can buy your set from Fusion Hobbies

Fusion Hobbies

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  1. will it convert to install 48p spur gear..

    1. Yes, the kit allows you to fit standard spur gears so you can install 48pitch gears

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Hey do you have to change the other gear (attached to the motor) to use this?
    Seems like there would be some slack there...

    Thanks Petehtt

    1. The kit pinion will still work, but you will have to fit the motor into a different hole in the motor mount. (Postition E on the motor mount picture above).

  4. Hi I have a 68T alloy Spur gear and a 22T Pinion gear but the motor I have fitted is too powerfull it just sits spinning. I want to slow the car down a bit. Do you think a 27T Pinion gear will slow it down a little?

  5. sounds like a gear "meshing" problem.

  6. Will this fit the TT02B with brushless motor?



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