The RC Racer Tamiya TT02 Rear camber Conversion Kit

Since owning the TT02 I have spent a fair bit of time tinkering with the chassis to see how competitive it can become at my local track. ...

Since owning the TT02 I have spent a fair bit of time tinkering with the chassis to see how competitive it can become at my local track.

One of the things that I soon wanted when trying to get the car work well at the track, was to adjust the camber.  The std car has fixed length arms that are not able to be adjusted or replaced with turnbuckles, and at the moment the only other option were the big heavy aluminum adjustable upper arms that just make be shudder when I think about all the extra unnecessary weight they add to the car.

So I studied the TT02, and decided to make my own solution, and here is the result :)
The Rc Racer TT02 Tower Flange :)

Ok, so its a small part, but its quite an important part, let me talk you through the process, and how to do the conversion.

Where did I start?

The std kit has the upper arm hinge pin passing through the tower as its a mounting point. I needed a flange that would fit into the tower and allow me to mount a screw to fit through and mount the ball nut.

Despite hoarding many fixings over my 30 years of RC there were none that would fit.

Upon further investigation it did look like the TT02B A-parts tree (Tamiya Part no 9000562) has a part that could fit (The A10 part). I was keen to try this out, using the A10 part in the shock tower.
Above you can see the A10 part for the TT02B, this looks like it will also work.

Making a new part

Luckily I spoke to a friend about my plan and he owns a milling machine, so he knocked up a couple of prototype parts.I tested them on the car, and found that they needed a stronger lip,and we also made them so they would still not bind on the upper bulkhead. A few more tweaks and we had developed a reliable part that is light, strong and cheaper than buying a whole TT02B parts tree.

Now the part is ready, lets assemble the conversion

To do the rest of the conversion I used the following from my pit box, here are the part numbers of the other parts that you will need alongside these little shims.
  • Tamiya (54248) 3x23mm Turnbuckles
  • Tamiya (53869) 5mm ball nut (Short type)
  • Tamiya (54489) Low friction 5mm adjusters
  • Tamiya (53539) 5.5 mm spacers (Although any shims will be fine if you can make it up to 3mm)
  • 3x20mm screws

First you need to fit the Flange into the tower

You then need to place the 3x20mm screw through the flange, add the 3mm spacer and then add the ball nut.

Now make your turn buckles, if you set them to 17.5mm you will have 2 degrees of rear camber.

Now just pop on the Turnbuckles :)

Now just fit the remaining screws through the top of the rear upright and attach the ball end

Here is the final result :) 

You can remove the A2 part of the bulkhead (saving 5g of weight) as you will not be using the plastic arms)

Now you can adjust the upper turnbuckle to add or reduce camber on your TT02 set up. I would mention that to get a more exact measurement you will want to shim most of the slop out of the car (a few shims on the Axle and some on the actual rear upright). Needless to say this makes a big difference to the way the car handles on the track, the rear end is much more planted on the corners.

Where can I get them?

I am looking at selling the Camber conversion part if anyone is interested, they will be £4 for a pair plus postage. As mentioned the TT02B A10 part should also work, let me know if you have tried that.

Next up I have some more little parts that I am developing :)
TT02 1178144688874849643

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  1. I am wanting. I'd done the exact same conversion but relied in simply cranking up the inner fixing which is not a great idea. I have a pal with a milling machine too but I'm intrinsically a lazy sod. Do you take paypal?

  2. Good to see a hudy set up station involved. Many copies, none as good :)

  3. Can you show me what's the size or parts number for the flange?

  4. Great job! I will do the same in my TT02

    In front, you don't use negative camber?


    1. The front is not so simple as the upper front arms hold the uprights, as there is no C-hub. I have a little plan on how to fix that in a new article :)

  5. How to get your flange tower?

  6. I've gone a little nutty to achieve the same result. In order to keep my TT02 TCS legal, I've ordered the lower a-arms, front and rear uprights, c-hubs and front and rear damper stays from a TT02 Type S. Again, a lot more expensive and more work but TCS legal.

  7. I used the shock standoff for a traxxas ST racing shock tower. I used a washer on the front with a 2mm spacer to compress the two sides. It works great with Lunsford ti 3mm turnbuckles.



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