Sanwa SRG-BLS Version 2 Mini Review

Sanwa has a range of excellent servos, and their latest top of the range low profile servo is the SRG-BLS v2. My previous SRG BL has be...

Sanwa has a range of excellent servos, and their latest top of the range low profile servo is the SRG-BLS v2. My previous SRG BL has been a fantastic servo, and its been bullet proof and very smooth.  However as is always the case with this hobby I was keen on upgrading after reading the specifications for the servo, and especially as it had full support for the SSR (Sanwa Super Response) system that is in my Exzes Z.

What is Sanwa Super response? Well it's a mode that Sanwa compatible products have that can increase the frequency of response between the devices. This extra bandwidth can be used for higher granularity of movement in the case of a servo, to sending data such as the Sanwa Super Zero esc being able to be programmed when hooked up to a SSR compatible transmitter.

The Servo features a brushless motor for smooth error free running, a rapid speed of 0.08sec/60° and a good amount of torque for onroad 7.6kg・cm.

The servo weighs in at 46g so its 4g heavier than my previous servo which is probably down to the servo now featuring a heat-sink, but despite the extra (albeit small) extra weight I hope the increased response time will more than make up for it.

Bench Test

Upon taking the Servo out of the packet I quickly plugged it into the receiver and checked that my Exzes Z had the correct model, and the settings were correct for the servo, including the SSR mode, the response time at 5S and the Frequency was on FHSS4.

When all connected the servo sprung to life, the movement was quick and responsive, and it also didn't seem to have the buzzing around neutral that seems common on some high end digital servos (The previous version seemed to do this).

Once I was happy it all worked, it then opened the servo to shorten the lead. The wires are easy to get to (just pop off the bottom of the case) and I was able to take off the extra length quickly, so the servo would fit in the car without those messy wires.

Now just need to fit it into the TRF418

The servo has room to spare in the floating mount so I ensure that its pushed as close as possible to the inner post to keep the weight more central.

I then added the X-Ray v2 servo saver (Essential when running with wooden boards as the track markers).

Track Test

Needless to say the first race was quite difficult as even thought the servo is only 0.02 seconds quicker than my old one that is a 20% increase in speed. I was turning in too quickly at the corners initially, but over the course of the first race I soon started to spot new corner markers as I pushed the car to turn later into the corner. I also tweaked the expo a little by adding another 10 on the negative expo to ensure the car felt solid around neutral.

As I continued racing through the night, the 418 managed to hold the extra corner speed well. I added a little more front camber to dial out a little push I had on a tight 180 on the infield.

Soon I was very confident with the car and both the lap times and overall race time improved significantly. The added speed was great, but the car just felt really smooth, the combination of the SSR / Exzes Z and the SRG-BLSv2 provided me with a car that really felt almost connected to me. The 418 would just instantly respond, and I was loving every minute of the racing as I attempted to refine my lines.

Needless to say, the servo proved its strength a few times as the car bounced of the barriers whilst chasing the apex.

The night ended, and I managed to top the times sheet.


The servo is superb, but that is to be expected for the price. After a few nights running its crisp and precise and I am still getting used to the speed on occasions and dialling out the expo gently. If I didn't have the Exzes I would probably have opted for the Sanwa SDX-801 as it seems very similar in specification (but without the SSR Support) but it is quite a bit cheaper.

trf 6008334338309089816

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  1. Where did you source your SRG-BLS v2 from as I can't seem to find any UK stockists listing them online?

    1. SMD distribute them in the UK, just check with a local stockist for a price.


  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I am thinking to get this servo to get the SSR from my newly purchased M12S. After all this time, would you still recommend it?



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