2014 BRCA TC Nationals Round 5 Mendip

New Techniques were used to pass cars at Mendip! The final round of the 2014 BRCA Touring Car championship was held at the Mendip track...

New Techniques were used to pass cars at Mendip!

The final round of the 2014 BRCA Touring Car championship was held at the Mendip track this past weekend situated a stones throw away from the popular UK holiday town of Weston-Super-Mare. Going in to this round both championships were wide open with Olly Jefferies, Chris Grainger, Colin price and Elliot Harper battling it out in the Super Touring class and Zak Finlay, Lee Price and Chris Gunter going for it in the Pro Stock class.

Super Touring

In the Super Touring class it was Olly Jefferies with his Xray who was able to secure TQ ahead of the Schumacher pairing of Colin price in second and Chris Grainger in third. In leg one Olly was able to convert his pole position start into a win, with Colin price in second and Chris third. Speaking with Olly after the race he said the wind during the first leg was very strong and all drivers were having to be super careful to not get caught out in the fierce cross winds blowing across the Mendip track. In Leg two Chris was able to pass Colin early on and started to attack Olly who had to start driving defensively.
Damian Giddins hitting the apex!

On the last lap off the main straight Chris was able to make an attack and sent his car up the inside of Olly allowing him to take the lead and win Leg two. In leg three Olly made a good start and led the pack away. Chris had difficulties off the line and was then involved in an incident with other cars which put him down the order. In the heat of all this, Elliot Harper with his Durango was able to capitalise and move into second position from fourth and started to close in on Olly. Elliot was looking very fast and was on the back of Olly for the whole race but was unable to find a way past the Xray driver.

Olly as a result crossed the line to take the 2014 BRCA championship ahead of Elliot in second and Colin price in third, who had done enough to secure himself second in the championship ahead of Chris Grainger

Olly Jefferies 1st, Chris Grainger 2nd and Colin Price taking 3rd

Final Mendip Super Touring Top 10 

  • Olly Jefferies
  • Chris Grainger
  • Colin Price
  • Elliott Harper
  • Alan Bickerstaff
  • Chris Kerswell
  • James Hart
  • Ben Cosgrove
  • Adam Catchpole
  • Paul Pinkney

Overall Super Touring 2014 championship results

A great championship with 4 drivers able to win the championship until the final round
A close championship with Ollie Jefferies taking top spot, Col Price 2nd, Chris Granger 3rd
Overall Super Touring top10
  1. Olly Jefferies
  2. Colin Price
  3. Chris Grainger
  4. Elliott Harper
  5. Chris Kerswell
  6. James Hart
  7. Alan Bickerstaff
  8. Andy Moore
  9. Paul Pinkney
  10. Zak Smith.

Pro Stock

In the Pro stock class it was Zak Finlay who was able to secure TQ ahead of Tony Broad and Lee Price. In leg one the track was still a little damp in places and it was really looking like it was going to rain. The Xray team made the call and sent Zak out on wet tyres with the rest of the field choosing the Sorex 32 slick tyre. This decision proved to be a great call with the rain starting to fall about halfway through the race. Zak was able to take the leg one win.
Ben Putt riding the Kerbs

In leg two again Zak led the field away on a now dry track and was able to pull out a significant lead over the rest of the field. Zak crossed the line and had successfully defended his title and was the 2014 BRCA Pro Stock champion. Lee Price finished second overall on the day and Tony Broad third. Chris Gunter would take third overall in the championship.
Final winners on the day 1st Zak Finlay, 2nd Tony Price, 3rd Tony Broad

Overall Mendip Pro Stock Top 10 

  1. Zak Finlay
  2. Lee Price
  3. Tony Broad
  4. Chris Gunter
  5. Chris Clark
  6. Ben Putt
  7. Mark Wallace
  8. Michael Ball
  9. Nathan Wilson
  10. Will Vertigan U17

Overall Pro Stock Championship results

So at the end of the Season, here are the winners of the Pro Stock Championship

2014 champions 1st Zak Finlay, 2nd Tony Price, 3rd Chris Gunter
Final Pro Stock Championship top 10
  1. Zak Finlay
  2. Lee Price
  3. Chris Gunter
  4. Tony Broad
  5. Chris Clark
  6. Ben Putt
  7. Mark Wallace
  8. Darren Lee
  9. Nathan Wilson
  10. Michael Ball


Despite a lot of adverse weather the events have always ensured a great two days of racing, the onroad scene has continued it's resurgence as more and more drivers have entered the nationals.

The BRCA would like to thank all drivers for competing at this years national championship despite the tricky weather conditions we have had throughout the year. See you next year!

Pics: Adrian Jefferies, Info Central Booking
Racing 907441046428850541

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