Tamiya TRF419 , FF04 Evo and TT02 Type-S Closer look

Here are the Tamiya official photos for their new Race cars at this years Hobby show. Lets take a closer look. 42285 Tamiya TRF419 Ful...

Here are the Tamiya official photos for their new Race cars at this years Hobby show. Lets take a closer look.

42285 Tamiya TRF419

Fully loaded ready for the track, will this car win the worlds this year?

These shocks now have a larger internal oil capactity, Pulleys are the same (37t), Roll bars are the same type of fitting as well.

Here are the revised split blocks, these are to compensate for a narrower chassis at the bulkheads, also check out the motor mount. You can mount the screws in the middle of the chassis for more flex. The rear diff also has a larger oil capacity to provide a better diff action
This car looks much more like its been tuned to run outside other than carpet, it will be interesting to see how the changes play out on carpet.

Shiny Stickers!

84394 Tamiya FF04 Evo

This looks fantastic, with an adapted XV01 gearbox at the front, and TRF418 suspension fitted all around.

Here you can see the narrow chassis, this still supports the true Tamiya Split blocks
Here you can see the car ready for the track, a low profile servo will eliminate any overhang
A close up of the front end shows the potential lack of upper adjustment for the shocks, also where would you fit roll bars?

Here you can see the custom rear bulkhead, and also the roll bar fitting, maybe this will only support rear roll bars as most Mini FWD racers only use a rear roll bar. Also note the narrow track width (XD blocks)

58600 Tamiya TT02 Type S

This is what you get in the kit, no shell or esc, perfect for the club racer

Here you can see the parts that allow you to fit the std style suspension arms, there should be no reason why you cannot fit TRF418 arms other than potentially them being too short. 

Here you can see the suspension mounts, there are more settings here than on the standard TT02 allowing you to have more tuning possibilities

As you can see, the kit uses Turnbuckles for easy adjustment, it also uses metal diff outdrives allowing you to fit the XV01 universals to this car.

When fully hopped up this car could be a great entry level club racer, and very good for a spec class race series.

So what do you think of these cars? Lets hear your views in the comments or on our Facebook page

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  1. Hey RC racer. I know this is an older post, but hopefully you’ll see this question. Do you think I that the more conventional suspension from the TT02S could be appplied to a TT01?

    1. I do not think it will as the mounts are slightly different in the TT01 and TT02 chassis. I will have a look if I have time over the next few weeks, although I am confident it will not work.



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