VBC Wildfire D06 Dynamics Edition Review

The life of the amateur RC racer can sometimes leave you behind the top sponsored drivers in the scene. They will always have the late...

The life of the amateur RC racer can sometimes leave you behind the top sponsored drivers in the scene. They will always have the latest parts and will have a range of parts that they can swap out to adapt the chassis to get the best results on a wide range of scenarios.

VBC racing obviously understand this issue and have decided to let everyone have this experience with their Wildfire D06 Dynamics edition. This kit is the result of them testing their car all over the world, and then concluding on a range of parts you need in the kit to be successful at whatever level you compete

As the original D06 kit is still quite new to the market, the Dynamics edition allows newcomers to the brand to buy everything they need from the chassis in one go.

Due to the popular demand, my kit was delayed while they produced more to keep up. There are actually a few updates which are not covered in the manual. I assume these parts will now come as standard in all kits

As I built and reviewed the original kit, I will mainly focus this review on the option parts

Dynamics bag:

As you can see, the following options are included:

  1. Aluminium chassis
  2. Black diff bearing retainers
  3. Optional suspension pivot blocks+ 0.5mm spacers
  4. Soft& Hard roll bars
  5. Self lubricating driveshaft blades
  6. Soft and hard springs
  7. 4 hole shock pistons
  8. Full range of shock bladders
  9. Titanium shock shafts and suspension hinge pins

So lets take a look at all of these new parts in a little more detail

Aluminium chassis

Keeping the weight low, and providing a stiff chassis
This seems to be the ideal choice when racing on very high grip surfaces, mainly carpet. The chassis is heavier than the carbon which allows the centre of gravity to be positioned lower, resulting in better grip when traction is already high. The carbon chassis is also included in the box to allow you the choice when building. The bulkheads aren’t built to the carbon chassis which saves you the ordeal of stripping them down again

Diff rings & driveshaft blades

These are a firmer compound compared to the kit yellow rings. I have found that the yellow rings can deform if not adjusted correctly. My kit came with black rings as a standard part, so ended up with 8 black rings in the box. A full spare set!

These red blades are a self lubricating design, they heavily reduce wear

Suspension blocks+ spacers

These blocks allow you the adjust the amount of toe and the position of the hinge pins. You will find what position suits the track and your driving style. I haven’t fully exploited these yet. I take the spacers out normally, the spacers will allow the block to sit higher, allowing more roll

Roll bars

I have been testing the softer rear bar outdoors to allow more traction when grip is low. A harder bar will give more grip when traction improves


I am a fan of regular length springs so, these are unused for me.

4 hole pistons

I found 4 hole pistons make the car drive easier outdoors and indoors. If you want the car to react slower, fit the 3 hole

Shock bladders

These adjust the firmness of the dampening. A softer one can improve your car on bumpy surfaces

Titanium shock shafts& hinge pins

These are a gold plated colour, they are slightly lighter than the kit ones and allow a smoother movement and reduce the chances of bending.

Steering plate

When I was building the car, I noticed that the steering plate was different. The centre ball link sits higher and the ball links that connect to the hub turnbuckles are closer together (now 8.0mm).

Upon speaking with the UK VBC team driver, this is a modified part which makes the steering more responsive. This part isn’t currently available as a separate part to add to your current car, so you currently need the Dynamics kit to get this.

I built the car with the aluminium chassis to try it on UK carpet, and I used Lunsford titanium turnbuckles rather than the kit ones. These are actually heaver than the kit ones, but I have managed to bend a kit one before so I went with these as I know they are stronger.

Rcbearings.co.uk were very kind to supply me a full set of metal shielded ceramic bearings to use in the car. I am a fan of ceramic bearings as they allow a free movement on the steering and makes the drive train more efficient.

Track test

A Fresh Protoform Mazda Speed 6 was sprayed up for initial track test
So for the first run I couldn’t think of a better location than my own club!

Bristol Model Car Club has been running since early 2013 and well received by racers all over the south west. We race on a Thursday night and cater for most electric on road classes. Check us out on Facebook  (Click here) for more information.

Track ready for a days racing
As a thanks for the great support from racers at the club, we organise a 1 day event on a Sunday every 6 months. We aim to make a relaxed day with very minimum rules in place. The emphasis is on fun! Rather than trophies, we award chocolate and sweets as prizes, everyone loves sweets!

When we built the track on the Saturday night, I ran for a few minutes to run the bearings in and make sure the car tracks straight and true.

When all the entrants were booked in, we were joined by a Schumacher sponsored driver, Mark Giaquinto. A very quick driver and a favourite to win the event.

We had 4 rounds of qualifying with 2 leg finals. Our tracks are normally tight and this event was no exception. During the day, me and Mark were very close on pace. With a small track, the smallest error would cost you a great deal of time.

I felt the car was very hard work to drive fast. Adjusting the camber and moving the shocks inward made the car slight better, but still on edge. I had a very good run in the final qualifying round and made no mistakes to secure TQ position, Mark made a small error

Final 1 
I made a small error on the 1st lap and Mark went past to take the win

Final 2 
I made a better start, but we were both caught up with backmarkers, it was very difficult to pass. Unfortunately, I ran wide and Mark went by for the 2nd win.

TQ and 2nd overall was the result for me in the end. A fitting debut for the new car :)


Speaking to a few racers overseas, I thought the aluminium chassis would be ideal for UK carpet. Unfortunately, on our carpet (Primafelt GT) and using the Sorex tyres, that combination doesn’t provide the traction to make the chassis work effectively.

Since this meeting, I have switched the car from aluminium to carbon during a race meeting and the carbon felt better to drive. If you are using Ride tyres, its an ideal choice. Use the carbon on lower traction

The car itself is a wonderful car to own. It's strong and fast and the bag of option parts just makes it better!

With the option parts supplied being the same items that the factory drivers use and recommend, this almost makes you feel like part of the team!

Massive thanks (and free plug) to the following groups/people

Xfactory UK for supplying the car, Vampire 17.5t motor, ESC and Lipos, & RDRP shock shaft seals
And finally, my excellent and very supportive commitee@ Bristol Model Car Club
Wildfire 523843132782225558

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