Tamiya 54320 Front & Tamiya 54474 Rear Carbon damper stays Review

My M05v2 has become a firm favourite. I have added a few hop-ups since the original build . Some parts that have really helped me when at...

My M05v2 has become a firm favourite. I have added a few hop-ups since the original build. Some parts that have really helped me when at the track is the addition of the front and rear damper stays.

What's in the box?

Both of the packs come with a range of hardware to allow you to fit the towers on the M05 in all of the various configurations. (Long, Medium and short wheelbase).

The shock towers are both made with 2.5mm carbon and have 4 setting holes to allow you to tune the handling of the car.

I added some CA glue to the shock towers to ensure that the towers do not de-laminate if they have a large impact.


They are really easy to assemble, although you will need some additional ball connectors for the lower shock mounts on the arms.

Here you can see the final results.
The front of the car. 
Rear towers

At the Track

With the towers fitted I had more tuning options to ensure that I could get the most out of my M05. I mainly race onroad 1/10 and I have always found the shock positions to be one of the primary areas that I can tune my car. The base M05 is very limited in tuning, and with the M05v2 Pro feeling more like a proper race car than my old M03 it was frustrating to not be able to adjust the upper mounting positions.
I use a shorty lipo to help balance the weight and also help the car transition quicker in corners
At the moment I am running the shocks on the innermost hole at the rear and alternating between the 2nd and 3rd hold on the front depending on the track. I go to the outer hole if I want to have more response when changing direction.
The Tamiya TBLE-02 esc is fantastic for stock club racing


I am really happy with these towers. They make the car feel more like a complete racing chassis with the key tuning abilities that they bring to the car. That's all you really should ask for in any Hop-up but the carbon tower also brings a little bit more bling to the car.. and that's also never a problem :)  
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