1/12 Three Wheel RC Reliant Robin Racing

One of the great things about racing RC cars is the huge range of different classes out there ready to try out. One of the more niche clas...

One of the great things about racing RC cars is the huge range of different classes out there ready to try out. One of the more niche classes is 3 wheeler oval racing! We like things that are a little different, especially when it is something you can race, so let's go racing a Reliant!


The real Reliant Robin is a cult car and after it's launch in 1973 it was made over the course of 30 years in Tamworth by the reliant motor company.

The reliant robin was made from fibreglass and ran with a small 748 or 848 cc engine. The car became popular because you could drive it without a full driving licence so many motorcyclists would buy one once they had a family. Whether taking your family out in this car was a good idea is debatable as the handling was quite appalling, with many drivers adding extra weight to the car to make it more stable.

This distinctive car soon became part of British culture, usually with it bearing the brunt of many jokes, but soon it became iconic thanks to it being used in the popular British TV show 'Only fools and horses'.

The RC version the the 3 wheeler has been around for over a decade now. The original chassis was developed by Pinky after seeing a heat of these cars at a local stock car championship. He set about designing a chassis that would replicate these unique cars. After a little trial and error he came up with the basic blueprint which has been adopted by other manufacturers and guys in sheds to build their own version. 

Closer look

Simple and strong excuse the wiring
Obviously these cars are made to be cheap simple and tough and that is why they are made of classic Mardave banger components.
The only spring on the car.
The front end is a standard Mardave V12 design. The front wheel is sprung for what it's worth.
32dp pinions and Spur
The rear end is mounted directly to the GRP plate. The Mardave G2 motor (23t) drives the solid spool rear axle that spins the std V12 wheels
Simplicity is a sign of genius?
The car is powered by a 4 cell 4.8v battery which gives more than enough power to these cars. You can choose from a range of Reliant shells at Kamtec and these are good replica's they are even plastic like the real cars :)

At the track

Well as you would expect, this class is quite different to any other on-road class I have driven before. The cars are quick in a straight line and when you come to the corner it manages to roll on its roof like a champion :)

Soon I started to emulate real life and added some extra weight in the car to help make it stop rolling as easily. The car was also lowered slightly by adding some spacers underneath the pod. Soon the car was rolling around the track quite respectfully but you had to keep your wits about you as it would soon roll over again if you didn't nail the corner.

Needless to say these cars are a great laugh, they are tough as old boots and the challenge to get it around the track keeps you engaged as you try to improve your times.  Here is a short video of one of the heats of 3 wheelers racing at the Urmston Oval.

You can buy a 3 Wheeler kit from Kamtec here 3 wheel kit

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  1. Man, that looks like such good fun!

  2. Had the kamtec reliant kit in my watchlist over a year just need good excuse to purchase lol

    1. £40 is not that much, and if you are not smashing the cars together you can actually go to town on the shell and make it look pretty good.

  3. I'm actually going to give this thing a try. Down at the club, they race mini' s. Mardave and Tamyia mini Cooper's. Even though they've been at it for years, they've never seen anything like it so as the new guy, I'm going to bring one of these along, give them something to laugh about and become a Reliant Master. LOL

  4. Just came across this . Thanks for the recognition as the originator of the r/c Reliants' , i i would point out that my design uses original mini stox parts . They are great fun .

  5. It looks great fun,I know they race at brentwood as soon as we are able to move about I shall go & have a look,๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€

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