Tamiya 84412 TB-04R official pics and info

The TB-04R is looking like a very nice package for someone after a modern shaft driven club racer. Big bore dampers, Front spool, l...

The TB-04R is looking like a very nice package for someone after a modern shaft driven club racer.

Big bore dampers, Front spool, lipo weights, all plastics are carbon re-enforced, Roll bars. It really is a very nice kit.

Here is the translated info

[To achieve a run that cut more rigid up] "it is superior to the pickup of the drive efficiency" to the shaft drive 4WD, TB-04, which was adopted a horizontal motor with a "handling characteristics without the habit." The combat force is a model with enhanced further. Up the chassis rigidity of the main resin component as a carbon fiber reinforced resin compounding. Foot around the front and rear suspension arms and uprights of the same shape as pure racer TRF418, use the aluminum suspension mounts. The TRF big bore damper of black color, then mounted on a dedicated carbon damper stay of 3.0mm thickness to improve the ground resistance.

The aluminum steering bridge and steering arm I creating a direct operability. In addition the drive system of the full bearing specifications front Direct, the configuration of the rear Giyadefu.Propeller shaft, pilot shaft, the mission shaft and lightweight aluminum, and worked to reduce the power loss, such as using a double cardan drive shaft to the front. TRF even of optional parts about 30 points (Tamiya Racing Factory) was chose by standard equipment, the TB-04R that achieves driving with expired more, will attract big victory of the race.

■ cylinder outside diameter is intact, the TRF big bore damper the oil capacity and 10% up by the inner diameter change, attached to a dedicated carbon shock stays.

■ Full set of suspension arms and upright of TRF418.

■ Drive system front-direct, the configuration of the rear Gear diff.

■ Battery balance weight also set which is indispensable to the setting of the weight distribution.

Main equipment parts] 
● TRF418 type suspension arms, front, rear upright 
● lightweight universal shaft (rear two) 
● hexagon socket screws 
● TRF big bore damper (black) 
● Front Carbon Shock Stay for TB-04R (3mm thickness) 
● TB-04R for the rear carbon shock stay (3mm thick) 
● aluminum suspension mount various (1A, 1A, 1XB, 1D)
● carbon reinforced component (Rowadekki, A, C, D, E, F, K, T) 
● TB- 04 high gear aluminum motor adapter (black) 
● TB-04 front direct coupling 
● hard coat aluminum pinion gear (25T) 
● Rear Giyadefu (aluminum diff joint, cross shaft) 
● Aluminum steering bridge (black) 
● aluminum steering arm (LR) (Black) 
● Front double Cardin drive shaft (size 44) 
● aluminum turn buckle various 
● Full Ball Bearings 
● aluminum propeller shaft

Basic Specifications ● chassis length 381mm, chassis width 185mm, wheelbase 257mm ● frame = bottom shape Bathtub Type ● Drivetrain: horizontal motor shaft drive 4WD ● Front Front direct, rear Giyadefu ● Steering: 3-piece tie rod expression ● Suspension: double wishbone 4-wheel independent ● damper = TRF big bore damper ● Gear Ratio = kit standard 25T pinion when using 6.80: 1 (in a combination with the optional pinion of 7.86: 1 to 5.50: 10 kinds of gear ratios of up to 1 There can be selected) ● Motor Type 540 (sold separately) ● Speed ​​controller = ESC specification (sold separately)

Source (Tamiya.com)

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