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Tenth scale onroad racing is arguably classed as one of the most competitive classes in the RC arena. There are many great drivers and fa...

Tenth scale onroad racing is arguably classed as one of the most competitive classes in the RC arena. There are many great drivers and fantastic events out there, vying for an edge to help them chase for the win.

In this class, a lot of the main cars are all evolved from the classic twin belt design, with many manufacturers taking the safe route of evolving their current car designs year upon year. This leads to many bemoaning the lack of innovation in the class.

Enter the AME IRIS! This is a new 1/10 racing chassis with some innovative design, and it has launched it's kickstarter today. Where you can become part of the AME racing team and help fund and develop a new chassis.

I caught up with Andreas Myrberg the main man at AME for a quick interview about this exciting new chassis.

Tell us a bit about yourself, How long have you been into RC?

Born 1980 in Sweden Gothenburg and moved to Germany, Stuttgart 2006 and have lived here for more than 9 years now.

I have been into RC almost since I was born. My dad was driving RC and I basically joined him more or less as soon as I could think. Started out with Slot-car racing at the age of 3 and moved onto RC at around 5.

I raced as a hobby until I was about 15 and then I decided to try to go more professional and do bigger races.  I was an Associated, HotBodies/HPI and Xray team driver during my 10 years of semi professional RC racer.

2006 I moved to Germany and started working for longtime sponsor LRP and stayed there for 5 years. After leaving I started my own RC company called AME and have driven it for over 4 years now.

Why did you choose to enter a new contender into the 1/10 onroad scene?

I have driven almost all RC classes available. Onroad, Offroad. Electric and Gas cars. And touring 1/10 is the one which I like the most and where I have put most of my time as a driver.
I have most experience in Touring but mainly it is closer to my heart. I really like it. The speed, the precision, the setups the complexity of the class is what I love.

But during all my years in Touring there were always other things I wanted to test in terms of design but I could never really get through to manufacturers with all ideas I had.  So it’s frustrating to be honest. There are so many things which I think could make a difference. Some of the ideas I have has never been used in RC before and I really wanted to make them a reality. So I decided to go for it.
Low and fast?

The 1/10 scene is a competitive market, what makes you think that the IRIS will stand out?

The design is very different when it comes to suspension. Many other parts are similar but with minor improvements.

With all the experience I have with myself as a driver as well as supporting many top drivers around the world I have a very good understanding of what makes a car or set-up good or not.

A Low CG, good materials and and a chassis that is easy to understand and set-up is essential. Also improvements in some key-parts to make sure that not so many mistakes can be made while building the car is also important.

So with this new design I have made very different suspension parts. It will give the lowest CG so far on the market, plus lots of other refinements that I will make with my wealth of experience in touring car racing. I am sure that the car will standout not only in the pits but on the track as well.

How long have you been developing IRIS?

About 2 years now with a break of about 4 months during that time period.

What will part’s support be for the new car, and will you have distributors for different regions?

Spare part support is Essential. When the car is shipped through Kickstarter next year. The best Online shop in Germany, RC-Kleinkram will have full support of spare parts available.
Distribution will be built up as well during the next months. The first retail sales batch will hit the shops about 2 months after the Kickstart supported kits has been shipped. At that time spare parts will also ship so spare part and option parts availability will be guaranteed when the drivers will need them.

What is the launch date and price?

Launch is still in the future. But my target is to have kits hitting the shops in Juli/August 2016. The best and fastest way to get Iris kits will be through the Kickstarter page.
Also if the Kickstarter won’t get enough support, the kits won’t hit the shops. At all. So the best way to get one is to go to the Kickstarter link and support the Project
Street price will be 599€. There are however limited offers on Kickstarter for 499€ so hurry up :)

The IRIS is available now to pre-order and there is a lot of information of the car if you check the via kickstarter. Let's hope it reaches it's goal.

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