Tamiya TRF419 20mm low profile Towers Set-up

Out of the two types of towers I made, I have always preferred the 25mm spring versions . However some of the other test drivers really like...

Out of the two types of towers I made, I have always preferred the 25mm spring versions. However some of the other test drivers really liked the 20mm towers. I thought I would give them another go to try to find a good set-up that worked for me.

I have been working on this set-up for a while now. I have not used the X-Ray shocks. I still used the short TBevo shocks (Maybe its the blue thing, or the fact that I am not willing to spend £65 on a set of shocks). As mentioned in the original 20mm short tower article I did shave 0.5mm off the top of the plastic ball connectors to ensure that the Tbevo shocks would bottom out as the lower spring retainers were just a little to thick.

I went through a selection of springs and oil types. The car did not feel as stable as I wanted it, but I only had the Mazda6 GX shell available for a couple of race meetings, I do not get on with this shell and I was convinced it was hampering the performance. I delved around and found a part used Mazda 6 shell and then tried the car.

The change was noticeable, it was not perfect but the car was much more predictable. I went to my base settings and started to tune from there.

It took another couple of weeks, but I finally cracked it and the car went from being ok to phenomenal. A big improvement was to narrow the rear of the car, it handles much better and the car just sticks around the apex whilst carrying a lot of speed.

Since the set-up I have managed to set the fastest overall track record at my local track before it changed layout. I currently also hold the fasted time for the current layout. I have also been at another track and managed to win there despite being chased down by much quicker cars. (I was running 17.5 blinky against 13.5 boosted).

Here is the set-up I currently have... the 419 is in bits at the moment as there are some new parts I intend to test ;)

Note: I sometimes fit the X-Ray 2.6 linear springs at the rear to calm the car down a little under acceleration.

The towers are available from fibrelyte here: (Shop)

TRF419 3063635083626569123

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