Tamiya TRF419 Wide front end Blocks released

A few of us TRF drivers have noticed how the TRF419 handles well with a slightly wider front end. I mentioned a little while back that r...

A few of us TRF drivers have noticed how the TRF419 handles well with a slightly wider front end. I mentioned a little while back that running an F-Block at the front allowed the car to have slightly more corner speed. (See the article here)

The problem was that there was a lot of modification needed to the block to make it fit, and this would make it weak. 

So I have been working on a special set of blocks that solve many of the issues that we experienced. I have been burning my spare cash learning how to design parts for 3D printing. After several iterations I managed to get a design that I am happy to show you all. 
The 'Beta' versions that are available to buy now from Shapeways
You need the following hardware to ensure they are installed correctly:
  • 2 - 3x10mm CS screws for the front outer holes
  • 2 - 3x 6mm CS screws for the rear inner holes
  • 4 - M3 nuts These fit into the recesses that have been added to the blocks to ensure the screws dig deeper.
  • 1 - 1F Tamiya suspension block for the front.
As mentioned, these parts have had quite a bit of iteration. They are now at a stage where I am happy that they are reliable and usable. I have not done a lot of races with this version yet, but there are a few drivers who have these now.

The blocks themselves are made out of a strong plastic and it seems to hold up well, the screws do dig into the plastic and hold the blocks onto the chassis. I however have made it so that you can fit M3 bolts into the top of the blocks. This gives added security and strength.

Also regarding the suspension pins, they are quite snug at first, but do not ream them. just add a drop of thin oil or AW grease on the end and stick the rod in.

At the moment these seem to be holding up ok, but these parts are plastic so they will give at some point if there is a big impact.
The parts are fit well, there are more expensive black plastic ones that might look better.
There is enough room for a range of rear shim settings. I run a short wheelbase as I think this combined with a wide front makes the car feel fantastic. I tried 2.5mm and the steering arms are also able to move well without hitting the blocks.
Getting a wide on!
If you are interested in trying them out I have let them be available for sale at the Shapeways shop. You can buy them in either the white plastic, or the polished black (looks better, same strength). 

Shapeways do offer prints in a range of materials including Aluminium and steel. If people want these then I can enable them for sale, but you will need to tap the screw holes. (I have only used plastic ones).


The parts are sold as a TRF racer R&D part. They are not a 'final' product, please give feedback and we can work on refining these parts (if needed). If you are expecting a final refined off the shelf item please do not buy them. 

I and a few others who have these hope to get more track testing this week (Although I am only able to race on a very tight track, not really the best to benefit the wide front end although I just want to test the strength more with an inevitable collision with the boards :)

Buy the blocks here via 'TheRcRacer' 3D printed shop.

There are a few more exciting parts to come very soon. 
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