Tamiya TRF419X announced

*** Click here to see our detailed TRF419X review  The new TRF has been announced based on the car we have seen the team drivers...

The new TRF has been announced based on the car we have seen the team drivers using over the last few months: 

Here is the info from rctech

TAMIYA TRF419X May release
Newly-Designed Parts
Super Short Oil Dampers Aluminum Front Suspension Mount
Re-Designed Parts
Suspension Arms Duralumin Front/Rear Bulkheads Motor Mount
Servo Mount Rear Uprights Damper Stays
Battery Holders

About the Model
• This is a 1/10 scale R/C chassis assembly kit.
• A range of updates to part designs, attachment positions and material contribute to an evolved package, with
particular emphasis upon a lower center of gravity.
• Carbon fiber double deck utilizes 2.15mm thickness lower deck (0.1mm thinner) for further improvements
in chassis flex.
• New super short oil dampers ensure better steering bite and response.
• The front uses a new 05G suspension mount (0.5mm lower than previously available 1XD-F mounts) for a
lower roll center, boosting cornering stability.
• Suspension arms are molded in a special new material and have a modified design to adjust damper
attachment angle (front: inwards, rear: outwards).
• Rear uprights have a new design.
• Front and center ballast weights included for those using this chassis in official races.
• TRF sticker sheet included.
TRF419 7523783159633857068

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