TRF418 & TRF417 20mm spring Super low profile towers

Since the release of the low profile TRF shock towers with 20mm springs I have had a lot of people ask for a set of these for the TRF418...

Since the release of the low profile TRF shock towers with 20mm springs I have had a lot of people ask for a set of these for the TRF418 and TRF417 chassis.

With the help of Fibrelyte I am proud to say that here are a set of the 20mm low profile towers that will fit on the narrower 27mm bulkheads that are on the TRF418 and the TRF 417.
The TRF front tower installed on the TRF418
I have not raced the cars with these towers, I have only checked that they fit. There is a racer who has had an early prototype set and has this to say about them.

"I recently purchased these xTRA short towers for my TRF 418 using X Ray PSS shock system. The evaluation was done last night on our low traction ( very low ) asphalt and we only run low asphalt in this country unfortunately. 
The transformation was remarkable with the ability to use these towers. I came from running an X ray T4 15 with the same shocks and I can clearly say that the performance doesn't come close to the 418 now with these shocks. Superb transition and cornering speed changes, very sharp entry into tight chicanes and superb exit speed. Stability of curbs is nothing more than spectacular. Previously with the X ray I was having issues keeping up with the other ARC R10's that were running constantly on the same track but with the 418 now, they are having a hard time keeping up lol!!! 

This is a great product and adds tremendous value to the almost forgotten TRF 418 cars now with the ability to add the short shocks.

Mounted on the TRF417v5
To run these shocks you will need 42354 Tamiya SSBB super short big bore shocks that use 20mm springs. (You can see about my experience of the TRF419 ones here)

A shot of the backside for all the rear-end aficionados. 

Disclaimer and thanks

These are a R&D part for fellow racers.  They have been made as a contribution to the TRF racing community. These are just a tuning aid, Some may find them to work well, others may not. Every track / driving style is different so do not expect a golden bullet.

When running on a TRF417 you may need to change the lower suspension arms to TRF418 type to ensure that the geometry works, they may be fine.. let me know :)

Thanks to the drivers that have given me feedback on this and other projects. Also to Steve at Fibre-Lyte who helped me with some of the initial drawings.

As mentioned before, these are a community project which I have invested in designing and manufacturing for my fellow racers, so please let's share feedback and set-ups and I can try to refine or design other parts in the future :)

Buying the towers

You can purchase these low profile towers direct from Fibrelyte here. (Buy here)

They ship internationally.
TRF418 9123205313387585614

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