Tamiya 42318 TRF103 Chassis First Pictures and full info

As soon as the TRF103 was announced I wanted one. TRF and F1 combined is too much for this fanboy to ignore, and I already had run the TRF10...

As soon as the TRF103 was announced I wanted one. TRF and F1 combined is too much for this fanboy to ignore, and I already had run the TRF101 and TRF102 so I am keen to see how the designers will developed the chassis. So here are the first pictures of this excellent new racing chassis from Tamiya

The latest iteration of the TRF F1 race chassis is a big jump back into the competitive F1 market. The chassis has been designed to ensure that the TRF103 is equipped to run on a wide range of tracks and surfaces.

It also looks like it allows you to use a shorty to position the battery in a range of positions along or across the chassis (Although I want to verify that).

The new front end has carbon upper and lower arms and incorporates adjustable Castor and Camber. The rear pod is lightened and will work easily with brushless motors. Importantly you have a lot of tuning options and you can swap between link and T-bar rear set-ups to ensure you can take pole position at the track.

Here are the lower shots. This is the Link rear end.

Also here is another full shot of the underside of the chassis. Also next up are the press release pictures and technical info.

Here is the Blurb from Tamiya

42318 TRF103 Chassis Kit

Tamiya is delighted to announce a new top-end option for R/C formula racing fans – the TRF103 is the first new TRF formula chassis release since mid-2015, and takes the genre to a new level. This hi-spec 2WD formula chassis is built around carbon fiber lower and upper decks, with front lower and upper arms also crafted from carbon fiber plate.

Front camber and caster angles can be altered via the upper arm attachment method. At the rear, there is a choice of 2 suspension types: a link setup for high-grip surfaces; and a T-bar setup for lower grip conditions. Chassis roll is regulated by individual left and right friction dampers, while changing the carbon fiber rear shaft position allows 2 different wheelbases.

About the Model

  • This is a 1/10 scale R/C chassis assembly kit.
  • The kit comes with a choice of rear suspension setups: a link setup suited to high-grip circuits, and a T-bar setup for use on more slippery tracks.
  • Features carbon fiber front upper and lower arms. The former allow alteration of caster (9 or 12 degrees) and camber (1, 1.5 or 2 degrees) angles.
  • Dual rear friction dampers are employed (one on the left, one on the right) to govern chassis roll.
  • Rear axle position can be altered, with a corresponding change in wheelbase – standard and short settings are available.
  • Compatible with F104 bodies.
  • A sticker sheet with chassis and Tamiya Racing Factory logos is also included.

Featured Components

  • 2.5mm thick Carbon Fiber Lower Deck
  • 2.0mm thick Carbon Fiber Upper Deck
  • 2.5mm thick Carbon Fiber Front Lower Arms
  • 2.5mm thick Carbon Fiber Front Upper Arms
  • 2.5mm thick Carbon Fiber Middle Brace
  • 2.5mm thick Carbon Fiber Upper Arm Mount
  • 2.5mm thick Carbon Fiber Lower Brace
  • 2.5mm thick Carbon Fiber Upper Brace
  • 2.0mm thick Carbon Fiber Rear Bulkhead Plate
  • FRP T-Bar
  • Carbon Fiber Rear Shaft & Integrated Diff Housing
  • Left & Right Roll Dampers
  • TRF Damper (HL Cylinder & Titanium Coated Shaft)
  • Aluminum Servo Mounts
  • Aluminum Motor Mount
  • Aluminum Diff Housing
  • Aluminum Clamp Type Wheel Hubs
  • Aluminum Motor Spacer
  • Aluminum Turnbuckle Shafts
  • Hi-Torque Servo Saver
  • 04 Module Spur Gear (96T)
  • 04 Module Pinion Gear (24T)

Check with your local Tamiya Stockist for more info.

TRF103 5611238275872663978

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