Tamiya at Nuremberg Toy Fair 2018 photos and information

At the Nuremberg 2018 Toy Fair, Tamiya has a wide selection of new releases covering a broad range of Radio controlled and static models. So...

At the Nuremberg 2018 Toy Fair, Tamiya has a wide selection of new releases covering a broad range of Radio controlled and static models. So let's take a look at the exciting new releases. This will be updated over the day.

First up!

Tamiya 58655 Citroen 2CV Charleston (M-05 Chassis)

One of the most popular cars in the world, 2018 marks 70 years since the Citroen 2CV was shown at the French motor show in 1948.

Its innovative design, cheap price and reliable 375cc 9HP engine caused a sensation and the 2CV was an instant hit, with over 3.9 million of the cars sold until they stopped production in 1990. Tamiya has reproduced the 1980 Charleston version that had the art deco two tone styling.

The Tamiya 2CV Charleston RC kit is based on the easy to build Fwd M05 chassis, and it instantly screams character.

The Lexan shell is really detailed and it comes with additional fittings for the distinctive headlights and bumper.

Tamiya 42318 TRF103 Chassis First Pictures

The latest iteration of the TRF F1 race chassis is a big jump back into the competitive F1 market. The chassis has been designed to ensure that the TRF103 is equipped to run on a wide range of tracks and surfaces.

It also looks like it allows you to use a shorty to position the battery in a range of positions along or across the chassis (Although I want to verify that).

The new front end has carbon upper and lower arms and features adjustable Castor and Camber. The rear pod is lightened and will work easily with brushless motors. Importantly you have a lot of tuning options and you can swap between link and T-bar rear set-ups to ensure you can take pole position at the track. 

Tamiya 47367 Manta Ray 2018 (DF-01 Chassis)

The DF-01 Manta Ray is a true Tamiya Classic. The Manta Ray is the first of a very successful line of 4x4 buggies including the Top Force. It was also the basis of the TA01 which created the Touring class that many of us still race today. 
 The Manta Ray 2018 is the same 1990 kit, it should be a good price when it hits the shops, and the spares are plentiful for it.

Tamiya are also releasing some of the classic hop-ups for the DF-01 Manta ray. This is also a special part number (47373 - Manta Ray 2018 hard Prop shaft and Aluminium Motor mount).

Tamiya 47370 Isuzu Mu Type X (CC-01 Chassis)

The CC-01 is a fantastic 4x4 chassis that is really popular with scale crawlers and trailers.

The Isuzu Mu (Or as we know it in Europe the Vauxhall / Opel Frontera) makes a comeback with another limited re-release. It looks stunning, although it will look even better covered in mud :)

Tamiya 56357 Mercedes Arocs 3348 Tipper Truck

I really want a Tamiya Truck.

Ok so its almost the opposite to my regular racing activity but after seeing some in action they look like a great way to spend a lazy afternoon.

The Tamiya Mercedes Arocs 3348 Tipper truck looks stunning

And as the eagle eyed... or not will spot this is a Tipper truck.

The actuator is available (Part no 56545) so you can make your tipper truck tip.

Tamiya 47371 Neo fighter Buggy Green Metallic (DT-03 chassis)

A surprise release at the show is the green metallic DT-03 neo fighter. The colour seems apt as it is a modern take on the Tamiya frog in its original guise. We are big fans of the DT-03 as a cheap and fun 2WD buggy. Check our review (here), and our tuning tips (here)

Tamiya 47366 Plasma Edge II Black Metallic (TT-02B Chassis)

The Plasma Edge 2 runs on the popular shaft driven 4x4 TT-02B buggy chassis.  This special edition has a great looking metallic effect and carbon pattern stickers.

Tamiya 47346 Neo Scorcher Blue Metallic (TT-02B)

Just incase you wanted a TT02B but you didn't want a black metallic Plasma Edge, you can get the cool metallic blue Neo scorcher.

Tamiya 47372 Subaru Impreza WRC Mexico 04 (TT-01E chassis) 

Another re-release, this time its the classic 2004 Subaru Rally car.

The shell seems more detailed than I remember, although mine was used and abused a long time ago on my rally Tamiya. It is on the TT01E chassis, although personally I think the TT02 Rally spec would make more sense (Or even the XV-01), especially as RC rally is still growing. If only there was a Group B rally car on show....

Tamiya 58654 Lancia 037 Rally (TA02-S chassis)

A new release of this early 80's rally icon. This time the highly detailed ABS body is on the TA-02S chassis. Which is a capable fun rally chassis with its shaft driven four wheel drive and fully independent suspension. The large bumper should help give you the confidence to rag it around dirt paths or a local RC rally course.

Tamiya 47375 Mitsubishi Pajero Metal Top Wide Black Metallic (CC-01 chassis)

The CC-01 Pajero had been re-released a few times, and now it is back in black..  well a metallic black to be precise.

It looks stunning and catches the light. Talking of lights it also has a light kit included for the front lights and fog lights.

This is a limited edition kit so you will need to be quick to pick one up :)

Tamiya 84433 - TA07R Chassis Kit

The TA-07 is a great club racing chassis, and this 'R' spec is loaded with goodies including a special low friction drive belt that was made specially for this kit, along with the linear Damper springs.

Included Hop-Up Options
  • TRF Big Bore Dampers
  • Full Ball Bearings
  • 42216 44mm Double Cardan Joint Shaft (2pcs.)
  • 42281 TRF418 Stabilizer Set (Front & Rear) 
  • 54704 TA07 Aluminum Steering Arm Set 
  • 54705 TA07 Aluminum Steering Bridge 
  • 54724 TA07 Aluminum Servo Mount 
  • 54690 TA07 Front Direct Coupling Set (37T)
  • 54706 TA07 Aluminum Counter Pulley 
  • 54722 TA07 Aluminum Center Pulley (18T) 
  • 54725 TA07 Aluminum Motor Mount Posts 
  • 53509 Hard Fluorine Coated 0.6 Aluminum Pinion Gear (20T) 
  • 54720 TA07 Carbon Damper Stay (Front) 
  • 54721 TA07 Carbon Damper Stay (Rear) 
  • 53823 Clamp Type Aluminum Wheel Hub (5mm Thick) 
  • 53851 46mm Titanium Coated Suspension Shafts 
  • 53917 2.6mm Titanium Suspension Shaft - For Reversible Suspension 
  • 54568 TRF418 C Parts (Carbon Reinforced Front Uprights) 
  • 54580 Carbon Reinforced Hub Carrier (4˚) for Reversible Suspension Arms 
  • 54692 TRF419 E Parts (Rear Uprights) 
  • 54740 TA07 D Parts (Suspension Arms, Medium) 
  • 54070 TB-03 Aluminum Suspension Mount (1B) 
  • 54072 TB-03 Aluminum Suspension Mount (1D) 
  • 54172 TA05 Ver.II Separate Suspension Mounts (1A-1XA) 
  • 54173 TA05 Ver.II Separate Suspension Mounts (1B-1XB) 
  • 53827 Stabilizer Rod Stopper 
  • 54648 Fluorine Coated Stabilizer Ball Connector Set 
Hopefully the street price will keep it firmly below the carbon chassis cars, this could be a giant killer.

20068 1/20 Ferrari SF70H

Ok so its not RC, but I had to include the latest F1 kit from Tamiya.

The Ferrari SF70H was Scuderia Ferrari's 2017 entry.  Under the careful eye of Technical director Mattia Binotto the team at Ferrari created probably the best F1 car of the season. This cutting edge 950 HP race car featured a lot of innovations, none more striking than the innovative side pods.

Driven by Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen the Ferrari SF70H went on to achieve 5 pole positions and 5 wins to grab second the constructors championship.
As you can see the model is fantastic, let's hope we get a 1/10 shell to mount on the TRF103

So a very good line up. There are several things on display that look great.

Check with your local Tamiya Stockist for more info.

tamiya 4072175817567793849

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