RugRacers 2017-2018 Round 6

This weekend we had the last round RugRacers for this season. Even though many of the championships were concluded, there was some fantasti...

This weekend we had the last round RugRacers for this season. Even though many of the championships were concluded, there was some fantastic on track action. Check out the report.

1/10 Onroad

With the championship wrapped up for Xray driver, Zak Finlay, the final podium position still up for grabs, Billy Fletcher taking his Destiny to FTQ ahead of the 3rd place contender Paul Pinkney with his Schumacher, Dominic Carters Awesomatix 3rd.  Leg 1 ended early after clipping the 1st corner Billy would retire with damage from the melee, Paul with the win, Leg 2 would see racing all through the filed with the shake out seeing Jon Bowdens Schumacher take the leg from 5th, Ashley Wiffens Awesomatix 2nd & Paul 3rd.
3rd, Dominic Carter. 1st, Paul Pinkney. 2nd, Jon Bowden
Championship Results: Zak Finlay 1st, Billy Fletcher 2nd, Paul Pinkney 3rd.
Tom Meakin - Junior Champion
Junior Champion: Tom Meakin
Ethan Southall - U13 Champion
U13 Champion: Ethan Southall


The title was already in the hands of Owen Smith, qualifying would be a superb show between the 2 youngsters of Owen & Harley Eldridge trading FTQ each round with Owen taking pole by just 1 second.  Leg 1 was a great battle between the front 2 the fight would cost them though with Michael Hull coming through from 4th to take the Leg, Chris 2nd, Harley 3rd.  Leg 2 Owen took the win after a 1st lap incident dropped Harley down to 5th, still able to recover to 2nd after some great overtakes Chris Wilkinson 3rd.
3rd, Chris Wilkinson. 1st, Owen Smith. 2nd, Harley Eldridge.

  • Championship results: Owen Smith 1st, Chris Wilkinson 2nd, Carl Beecroft 3rd.
  • Junior Champion: Owen Smith
  • U13 Champion: Daniel Robins

Tamiya Trucks has been a great affair to watch this season lots of laughter and some great looking trucks as well. The racing has been close and fun to watch.  The Finals saw Hampo on Pole ahead of Malc Hall & Young Adam Southgate, the top 3 stayed the same with the order shuffled up a bit Malc taking the overall from Hampo with Adam 3rd.
3rd, Adam Southgate. 1st, Malc Hall. 2nd, Tom Hampson
Championship results: Malc Hall 1st, Tom Hampson 2nd, Alan Chipolina 3rd,
Adam Southgate - Junior Champion
Junior Champion: Adam Southgate
Holly Cook - U13 Champion

U13 Champion: Holly Cook

The presentation took place with the usual lollypop shower & raffle, RugRacers gave out 2 other prizes,

RugRacers Juniors.
For the Love of the Sport, went to Ray Cockman for his continued support of the series, always willing to lend a hand wherever, coming up to help before every round and there at the end – Thanks, Ray.
Ray Cockman

The JF Curtisy Shield, was awarded to Nick Upton for all his help on and off the track for the whole series and club meetings, Nick has been a great role model for many over the years with his smooth driving showing many a youngster & old alike how to make a car look good on track.
Nick Upton
Finally from all the RugRacers team a huge thanks to you the racers, without you we don’t have a series, to all of our sponsors this year and finally to the small team that puts it all together, see you later this year.

Special thanks to the series sponsors,

For all further information head over to the Facebook page where you will find links to all the finals videos.  https://www.facebook.com/groups/rugracers/
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