Marton Toth Winter Season with Xray & Mibo Report and set-up

Contributor Marton Toth recently achieved second place in the Mibosport Cup championship. Here is his summary of the last few months.  So...

Contributor Marton Toth recently achieved second place in the Mibosport Cup championship. Here is his summary of the last few months.  So over to you Marton.

It’s been a while I have summarized my feelings and driving experience. The reason is very simple, first I got too busy with my two little lovely boys who are the most important part of my life, and secondly after long discussion with my X-ray friends I decided to change my car from the TRF to Xray.

This was a big deal for me as the 2017/2018 season was very successful for as I was always competitive with the Tamiya TRF419WS on black carpet. Unfortunately, due to Donath departure, lack of TRF people around where I race and Xray winning the WC I made the decision to go to Xray.

2018/2019 season I decided to run in Hudy Arena (XRS Slovakia series) and continue the race in Mibo Race, Hrotovice-Cz.

First impression on Xray T4 is pretty much similar all what we can read in the reviews on the net, like TheRcRacers Xray T4 Review, etc. listening to Hagberg’s summary about the car and following Tonisport news with tips&tricks. All of them are very useful and a must to exist in my view to increase number of people in this hobby which is great. I prefer to use my hobbytime up spending 1 or 2 days racing at the track instead of racing on a computer game. Nothing beats the fun of being with other people at the track and the camaraderie with others as we compete together in a hobby we enjoy. Besides, I spend enough time in front of computer in work... enough ๐Ÿ˜Š.

Building up the car was just as good experience like building up my TRF. However, my focus was to be able to notice some ‘big’ differences which can contribute to my missing 0.1-0.2 sec/lap vs top runners. Overall, I prefer somethings on xray and vice versa. First driving experience – in Hudy Arena - of T4 was just so great, very stable, easy to drive, durable, looking great. With some shims the little plays can be also eliminated. ๐Ÿ˜Š However, the atmosphere is much different. I still need get used to driving orange cars – be part of this family - and ask questions from others. It is so great that everyone is open, share his best view, giving advice (including Jan, Tom, Oliver, Zdenko, Martin....). This is the reason we love it. Unfortunately, with blue car I was myself alone on the racing tracks...with very limited support and spare parts.

In terms of results...
Well, TRF 419WS was on the edge – at least from my skills point of view – and my last setup from Mibo race was the best I could do out of that car during last year winter season. Outdoor the XR didn’t fit for my hands perfectly and I also didn’t have too much time to run on asphalt (I prefer still the X outdoor).... First ETS experience in Hudy (July-2018) was ok, but nothing extra. It was great to enjoy the ETS family, make friendship, sunshine at Hudy Arena, that so huge outdoor track, speed of over 100km/hours of top racers of modified A main in the straight... just an amazing experience. As well as sitting next to Florian, a young talented driver and his dad, who posts race reports from which we as racers can learn a lot. Great time for sure and really hope we can enjoy it very similar this summer.

Back to racing with Xray. ๐Ÿ˜Š

So my class of choice was always stock as I had never raced in a higher class... but my good friend Zsolt – who started racing with 2WD buggy despite all my efforts not to do so ๐Ÿ˜Š - kept saying to give a try to modified since it is a different level, fun for sure and will contribute to my racing skills. Therefore, stock remains my number one class and modified become the “hobby” class ๐Ÿ˜Š. We have fun racing in modified together, still far away from top but we never sleep ๐Ÿ˜Š. Good battles, setup sharing and a lot of fun during the race and hanging out in the evening.

Luckily the number of competitive drivers in stock class is high which motivates to be in top10 at the end of the day, both at Hudy and Mibo. From the season started it was obvious Oliver is the favourite and Lukasz can be one of the challengers – both running Xray. XRS Slovakia (Hudy Arena) where my performance is not there where I would like to be and still looking for my setup but Mibo where I have found what I was looking for. If I figure out what the reason I will share... but still to discover.

My expectation after first Mibo race to be end up in top5 - be real P3 was a wish- since the car was still new to me and I needed a lot of experience how to set it up which fits for my driving skills. I could improve the car and result race over race at Mibo, while still struggling at my home track. There are differences (fixed black carpet, tires, grip level, track size, etc) but I never give up to find the solution. Still a lot ahead of me with this car but getting close to the finalize my setup. I also learned setup from the internet is a good start but you should figure out yourself which fits best to your skills. We are not that level where top guys are running ๐Ÿ˜Š, so better you to fine tune your „Ferrari”. It is also a learning that bodies didn’t react on Xray as I expected based on TRF experience.

Here what I am sharing is my very close final setup which I do believe works well at Mibo race, black carpet. It is based on Tom Kragefski’s setup – which is available also in xray forum, 2017. November. with small changes. It is easy to drive to me, very fast, great corner speed. It will be my base setup for the next 2019/2020 season for Mibo.

This Mibo season was always well organized with very nice people all around, great race experiences – good and bad- and fighting for all positions and few beers and good talks on Friday nights. Top cars were within just few seconds which influenced us as racers to become better and better over the races. Overall my performance was at good level. I still would like to further improve, I still believe I have a little chance to improve at least win one race in stock class or be closer in modified (once I managed to be in A main).

Big final (last race) was very successful with record number of racers, extremely competitive.

For this race I decided to use Tom’s base setup and I can say it is brilliant and very close to my style. I also tried a lot of other xray team driver’s setup during the season (stock only since modified setup in my view doesn’t work on stock) as well as Florian’s and others suggestion. Finally, with some adjustment I was only some seconds behind from Oliver, who took most of the wins this year and be overall the champion, well deserved. He is still a great talent with excellent driving skills. He made (again) us fall asleep since during Friday practice day he is usually not the fastest but for Saturday he dominates always ๐Ÿ˜Š, he has some special skills for it for sure. (Probably his car setup is prepared for high grip).

After controlled practice I managed to be at 8th starting grid of qualifiers which I improved to 4th position. This time I wanted to race on used tires since this was one of the things I wanted to test. I always was quick during Friday practice – which tires used from previous race – and not that fast on Saturday when I used „new tires” with 2x4 minutes break in. With this experience I can say that sweep tires best performance is around 4-10 races. Still good after 10 races, as constant but 0.1 sec slower.

From starting grid 4th in first A main I managed to be the 3rd after 5 minutes, great battles and close racing for this position. 2nd A main didn’t go well and remains as „emotional” race. After the start and 2nd and 3rd guys crashed and I managed P2 position, while I got hit from the back after their returning. I was kicked off from the track to a dirty place with wrong direction of my car, so no chance to run after the guys and achieve a good result, knowing my tires probably worn enough, so decided to retire the car in lap1. 3rd A main went ok, I made a small mistake and ended up in last position. Since there was nothing to lose I pushed as hard as possible and car was flying. With some luck and few passes I could land at P4 and overall P4, which I enjoyed so much.

This time I didn’t know that points earned during the big final race counts two times, which put me 2nd overall in the championship, which is my best result ever. Oliver first, me and Lukasz 3rd, who I expected to be the 2nd since his race by race performance was better, in big final he didn’t have luck and lost a lot of points. Cu guys next season, will be much stronger ๐Ÿ˜Š.
All in all, I would like to say special thanks for my family – including the little kids – who are still supporting the dad’s hobby. My older boy – who is 5.5 years old – expectation is to deliver result, bring trophy (Mibo cake what he missed this year) home since he collects it, the younger one – who is 2 years old – is my mechanic and hardly I arrive home he wants to sit with me and prepare for the car for the next race otherwise complaining a lot ๐Ÿ˜Š.

Adding some pictures from the Mibo race as well as my final setup used in the finals.

I wish all the best, have fun at coming outdoor season.

See you
Marton Toth, Budapest – Hungary.

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