Florian Joos Lovan Race report with Mod and stock winning Xray T4 Race set-ups

Florian scored a fantastic result this weekend, winning both the stock and modified finals in the Lovan race series. Here is his race report and Xray T4 set-ups.

The third and penultimate round of the Lovan Winter Series 2018/2019 was held over the weekend of 2 and 3 March. The organizers yet again made a fast but challenging track on the huge available track surface of 40 x 30 meters. As always, the very liberal rules regarding tires, motors and additive meant the competitors had to be well prepared in order to fight for the available podium spots.

There were a bit fewer racers than in the previous rounds, but the field was more than competitive enough to provide exciting races in the 5 available classes of 1/12 GT and LMP, F1 and touring stock and mod.

I participated in touring stock (the largest class) and touring mod with my Xray T4 2019 cars. Both cars are equipped with Hobbywing electronics, Power HD servo’s and Gensace batteries. My dad bought me a new Sanwa M17 radio, so it would be the first time I would use this new transmitter and I was a bit anxious.

Whenever we go to a race, my stock car is mostly very good to excellent. In the past I have got some good results with it and feel comfortable driving it. My modified car has always been a bit trickier to drive. Last time when we were at the EWS race in England, it was quite a handful. My dad spoke with Alexander Hagberg and Elliot Harper about it, and we decided to build two modified cars. One would be with my setup, which is sometimes a bit odd (2.7 springs all around, 3mm bumpsteer, 1,25 Ackermann, low droop values, Worlds topdeck) and one with a setup from both Elliot and Alexander.

When we started practicing on the Saturday, we alternated between both modified cars and made small changes to the setup of both cars. From the beginning I noticed that the car with the more conventional setup (Alex and Elliot) was easier but also faster to drive then my car. We decided to concentrate on that car and just change additive and some smaller things.

Already during the practice, we noticed that my cars were much faster than the competition. I had a very good feeling going into the first qualifier.

In stock, I easily won my first qualifier with a lap in front of the second placed driver. My modified car was also surprisingly good, and I also easily won the first qualifier in front of French Awesomatix driver Hugo Ragaut and former European nitro champion Robin D’hondt.

The next day however, my biggest competitor, former European stock champion Rémi Callens would arrive, so I knew I had to find some more pace. We decided to run in a set of new Volante tires for the other qualifiers, but this was a bad move as my car was way slower on the newer rubber. We reverted to the older tires and booom, my car was on rails again. To be honest, I never felt so comfortable driving a modified car before. I could just place the car where I wanted it to go. It was just amazing.

I easily won all qualifying rounds and all finals in both stock and modified. In order to prepare for the EWS final, which will be held in Essex, UK next week, my dad and I decided to mount a set of Sweep 28 tires that we need to use in that race.

I immediately felt the car was under steering more and that it also had less corner speed. Due to the tires, I lost .2 of a second per lap in stock and about .15 in modified compared to the Volante tires.

I had to concentrate hard to keep in front of Yves Zoma in stock and Rémi Callens in modified, but I managed to do so. My Hobbywing powered Xray cars were really amazing all weekend long, and I managed to win 2 x 4 qualifiers and 3 finals, so 14 heats in total. This made my dad an me smile all the way back home J

Final ranking stock

  1. Florian Joos - Xray T4
  2. Yves Zoma Awesomatix
  3. Tom Adams ARC
  4. Éric Sautereau - Xray T4
  5. Jeremy Deram - Xray T4
  6. Jean Hannecart Schumacher
  7. Stefan Rommens Yokomo
  8. Thomas Gavelle Xpress
  9. Gunther Lamberts WRC
  10. Peter Roeygens Xpress

Here is my stock-Set-up

Final ranking modified

  1. Florian Joos – Xray T4
  2. Remi Callens Awesomatix
  3. Hugo Ragaut Awesomatix
  4. Robin D’hondt Capricorn
  5. Athan de Witte Yokomo

Here is my Awesome Modified set-up

Looking forward to racing again soon, in the meantime thanks to the following:

setting sheet 8785618273798639080

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