RugRacers 2018-2019 Round 6

The final round of the series, with all but 1 championship decided and championship podium positions still to be decided in most class...

The final round of the series, with all but 1 championship decided and championship podium positions still to be decided in most classes the racing would be close on what was a fast & open track with plenty of overtaking opportunities come the finals.  Remo Casadei of MoodyFools providing some cool glasses for everyone at the final round as well made for some interesting pictures

 Final Round 6 Track

The ever growing MTC crowd had gathered enough momentum to gain a 2nd heat for this round and it again provided a look at good close & affordable spec class racing a mix of rubber & foam cars.  Thanks to Andrew Bause of Carten racing for providing a kit to the raffle.  Championship winner Mark Young was a little off sorts lining up 6th for the finals with Mark Rogers on pole ahead of Remo & Andy Travis, the podium would also finish in the same order.

2nd Remo Casedei, 1st Mark Rogers, 3rd Andy Travis
Tamiya Trucks still had some work to do with Championship winner Adam Southgate U17 out to extend the points further, through qualy he would battle with Ethan Southall U13 for pole taking it by 1/10th Adam would run out the winner over both legs.

2nd Chris Kemp, 1st Adam Southgate U17, 3rd Ethan Southall U13
GT12 was again a display of youth, Owen Smith U17 taking pole ahead of his Sister Darcie Smith U13 to start Team Smith off at the front, Adam Downing making up 3rd place, this would also be as the finals stayed for the Podium.

2nd Darcie Smith U13, 1st Owen Smith U17, 3rd Adam Downing

17.5 Blinky still had podiums to work out so and was a close affair, Champion Vasiliy again on pole with Matt Worton 2nd & Adam 3rd all to race for, the finals would go to Vasiliy & Adam Southgate U17 with Adam Downing up from 5th on the grid to take the final podium place.

2nd Adam Southagate U17, 1st Vasiliy Siminov, 3rd Adam Downing
13.5 Blinky was going to the wire, with Ashley Wiffen (Awesomatix) & Tony Broad (XRAY) fighting for the championship, Tony would need FTQ to have a fighting chance, Round 1 FTQ Tony, Round 2 Jamie Hickins Awesomatix went quicker to hold it, Round 3 & a change to mid motor for Ashely & a new FTQ time. Round 4 was 1 secs slower but was enough to secure FTQ for Ashely & along with it the championship title.  Shaun Batt with his Awesomatix lining up 2nd ahead of Jamie.  The 2 leg finals provided some great driving with Shaun coming through for the win ahead of Ashley & Tony taking 3rd.
2nd Ashley Wiffen, 1st Shaun Batt, 3rd Tony Broad.
The presentation saw the infamous lolly pop shower, which I'm sure you all got a sugar rush from them to get home as tired as we all are after a days racing.

Championship Class Winners!


Joseph Moore U13 Champion: 2nd Remo Casedei, 1st Mark Young, 3rd Ian Smith

 Tamiya Trucks

2nd Chris Seamen, 1st Adam Southgate & U17 3rd Ethan Southall & U13


2nd Darcie Smith & U13, 1st Owen Smith & U17, 3rd Adam Downing

 17.5 Blinky

Shane Chipolina U13, 2nd Adam Southgate, 1st Vasiliy Simonov & little Vasiliy, 3rd Matt Worton

13.5 Blinky

2nd Tony Broad, 1st Ashley Wiffen, 3rd Shaun Batt

Well done to those who took top 3 in their respective classes, and to all the 10 kids who raced at RR this year, each getting a very nice glass trophy to show their parents how to do it, the future of our hobby!
RugRacers Juniors
Well done to the 2 people which we have a lot of admiration for in this sport, and given a lot in the time they have been in our great sport.

The JF Curtisy cup went to Mark Southgate who has supported not only us as a club and series, but other series to, helping out where he can.
JF Curtisy cup winner Mark Southgate
The Love Of The Sport trophy went to Ashley Wiffen who has supported RR and has given his time in the sport over many years.
The Love Of The Sport winner Ashley Wiffen
Thanks to the mighty Ian Knight for keeping the RR meeting flowing, and all us in check when things sometimes don't go to plan....thank you!

Thanks to James Vinny for all his time editing the videos of the finals for you lot to view....considering he hasn’t been able to get at most of this RR series, so we at RR thank you very much for your time

We saw a couple of the new 'Fronty' cars yesterday, and was shown how good they actually handle, and how competitive they can be,.......watch this space.......thanks to Gareth Coates and Martin Southall for loaning out these cars for people to try them......

Special thanks to the series sponsors & also to all the drivers that attend and make it possible.
Big G Racing
Active Scale Models
6k Racing
Torque RC
RDT Products
The RC Racer
London Carriage Craft
Shy Studios

For all further information head over to the Facebook page where you will find links to all the finals videos.  https://www.facebook.com/groups/rugracers/

Well we all look forward to seeing you next RugRacers series, but let's look forward to some outdoor racing for the next 6 months....

Thanks HRCC & RugRacers Team!

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