Yeah Racing Aluminium Rear adjustable Suspension mount TT02-S Review

The Tamiya  TT02-S is one of my favourite chassis. Its cheap, versatile and there are a huge amount of hop-up options available for it w...

The Tamiya TT02-S is one of my favourite chassis. Its cheap, versatile and there are a huge amount of hop-up options available for it which allow you to modify almost everything on the car. Everything that is, other than change the amount of rear toe-in.

The Standard TT02-S comes with 3 degrees of rear toe, a good starting point to make a stable race car but sometimes you need less to free up the car in the corners, especially in stock classes. For example in with my TRF419XR I usually run either 2.0 or 2.5 degrees depending on grip and track layout.

So when Yeah racing announced their Rear adjustable suspension mount for the TT02 I was immediately interested. Although on closer inspection I noticed that this part was only for the Yeah racing TT02 RWD drift conversion kit.  Still, after taking a look at the photos, I thought I would take the plunge and see if it would work with the standard Tamiya TT02-S which we all use. So this review will also be a guide on how to mount this to a TT02-S.. Dont worry, its easy :)

The kit comes with the three part alloy rear suspension mount, suspension pins, shims and suspension pivot balls. The pivot balls are placed on both ends of the pins. (Along with 2 spares).

The three piece mount consists of the lower mounting bracket and a left and right suspension mount that grips onto the bracket whilst holding onto the suspension pins.

The suspension pins that are included are longer than the TT02-S version. These are too long and you will need to use the standard TT02-S pins to attach this rear toe kit onto the chassis.

Here you cab see how it is mounted in the TT02-S. To attach the part you need to add the pivot balls to the kit TT02-S suspension pins. You want no shims at the rear, and you will need 6mm of shims in
front of the arms. I used two 3mm spacers on each arm from the 53539 5.5mm Aluminum Spacer Set. I didn't need to use any fine shims to reduce slop as it was a good fit and the arm would fall freely without any binding.

All you then need to do, to change the rear toe, is to loosen the two screws that are mounted into the rear of the chassis and move the left and right suspension mount to the desired amount and tighten the screws. It is a simple, but clever idea.

Here you can see the minimum amount of toe-in (1 deg)

Here is the maximum amount (Approx 5 deg)

Set-up changes.

One thing to note is that the 6mm shims in front of the arms is approx 1mm less than the original TT02-S setting. So you will have a slightly shorter wheelbase, although again I think this helps the rotation of the TT02-S.

Another thing to note, is that the part saves weight. You do not need to attach the rear plastic bumper mount and the original steel suspension mount. Saving 15g of weight!

Running the TT02-S

The attachment is very secure. The TT02-S went on to do 3 hours of drifting with no issues. The rear toe-in was taken down to 1 degree for the drifting to free up the rear of the car more.

At the weekend the TT02-S had the spool and diff swapped back around and a different set of dampers (and tyres) attached and raced. For the racing the rear toe-in was increased to 2.5 degrees.


For the price the Yeah Racing Adjustable rear mount is worth purchasing for any TT02-S user that wants to experiment with rear toe-in. It is well made, easy to adjust and also lighter than the kit parts.

From a racing point of view it is good, but unlike the Tamiya Hop-up 54637 Steel mount, it does not have any option to add rebound stoppers to adjust droop, but most TT02-S users do not run that part anyway.

So in conclusion, I think its a great part for the TT02-S user if they want to drift, race or just want to experiment with their handling.

The only place I have seen it available is here: (LINK)

TT02S 706274267288074788

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