Ultimate TamiyaCup Tamiya TT02-Type-S 2020

In this difficult period, most of us have time to mess with our chassis as we cannot go out to race. So imagine if you want to make the ultimate TT02 Type-S, using only Tamiya parts so you are eligible for entry in many of the Tamiya cup series around the globe.. (Although rules vary). Well Kevin Kreft has done this so let's take a look at this mighty TT02S.

The Goal

I wanted to create a TT02 that needs no special custom bits and no reshaping of the parts. Just plug and play. Secondly I wanted to create a TT02 for the new decade. A TT02 that is contemporary with other chassis on the track. I hope you will like it

To achieve the goals mentioned above (and to rebuild/update my Gentleman-class chassis) I made five major changes:

1. Chassis: 

Tamiya 54926 Hard chassis
This is switched from the standard black plastic tub to the hard fiberglass version (54926). To provide more steering response.

2. Suspension: 

The TRF416 suspension parts, even the hard ones are quite soft and flex a lot. The stock TT-02S plastic is a rubber nightmare. 
Use Spacers to align the shocks
I got the TRF420 suspension upgrade set (54886) and am very happy about how strong and hard it is. You also need no extra parts. One downside though is, that you cannot use the TT02S rebound stoppers (54638). So you will have to change droop with internal shock spacers.
The new suspension set is robust

3. Active toe:

The rear toe set in all of its glory
Us poor TT-02 owners are very limited with the rear toe angles. A normal TT-02 can have 2 or 3 degrees, a TT-02S only 3. For me this setup opportunity is essential for a fast effective rotation balance. Having the chance to use adaptive settings is also nice. So I sold my Bentley and invested in Tamiyas TRF420 Toe Control tuning set (54887).
A mixture of the old ballcups and new ones is necessary to stop binding
The inside links are mounted with the old ballcup version, because these are smaller in diameter and there is a very limited space at near the differential housing. I was also a little creative with the use of the parts. The ballstud that should go on the TRF420 chassis is mounted on the carbon fibre arms. Like this you get toe gain under load. Use a shorter ballstud to get reduced toe under load

4. Modern Tamiya SSBB damper:

SSBB dampers are 6.5mm shorter than std TRF dampers 
The normal TRF aluminium damper set is nice, but I wanted the latest short damper. Tamiya did a lot upgrades to the SSBB dampers lately with new plastic parts and new 5.8mm ballnuts. They come in a nice blue with aluminium retainers. (Part no 42353 TRF Big Bore Dampers Super Short (4 Pcs.) How could you get these short dampers on your TT-02S stays? By turning the stays 180 degrees you can bring down all the holes that were out of reach for the short dampers.

Carbon towers were used as they are stronger than the kit FRP versions (54632 -Type-S Front tower) I used front dampers on the front and rear.
The lower mounts of the shocks can be changed to tune the shock position
The window for the right angles and length is very small, but as you can see on the pictures, there are opportunities. By using a longer lower ballcup, so you can can also expand your range.

5. Horizontal rear bodyposts:

These posts also prevent body tuck.
I guess sooner or later every TC will use these. With my upside down damper stays and the camberlinks in the way, I couldn't use the normal bodyposts anymore. Well no problem! Lets switch to horizontal ones (Tamiya Evo V 51253 bodyposts).

6. Anti Roll bars

You can spent several hundred dollars for blue aluminium for a TT02, but there is no 20 dollar anti-roll-bar set. Everything so far has been plug and play, this does involve a bit more work, but let me explain how I implemented the TRF418 / TRF419 / TRF420 anti-roll-bars into my TT02 :)
This solution is cheap and uses Tamiya parts
You need 42281 Tamiya TRF418 stabiliser set front and rear (If you want, you can use 54870 stabiliser ends for the complete TRF420 look), and the open face reinforced adjusters 5mm (54868).

Drill horizontally, right behind the ballmount, through the adjuster with a 1.5mm drill. Now take a M3 grub screw and put in the end. Cut off approximately 1mm of the ballcup that points to the middle axis of the car (otherwise there is a collision with the differential housing). Take the wire and push the adjuster on it. You can use Tamiya stabilizer rod stoppers 53827, but they are not really needed.

Remove the front screws of the differential housing. Take a M3 shim with an outer diameter of 6.5-7mm (the stuff Tamiya adds tons of in every TT-02S kit), insert it onto the screw, insert the adjuster/ballcup with its end pointing to the bumper.

While positioning the wire between camber links and axles, put the screw with the assembly back in place. Before tightening it down, position the ballcups straight and check for free movement of the wire. That was the hard part. The rest is to attach the anti-toll-bars to the arms, but that should be a problem I cannot imagine a cheaper anti-roll-bar-mount...

Here is the final Chassis. Ready to hit the track. This shows how far you can take the TT02-S with genuine Tamiya parts and some lateral thought.

Parts used in the modifications above

  • 54926 Tamiya TT02 Lower Deck (Hard / Black)
  • 54886 TRF419 Suspension Upgrade Set
  • 54887 Tamiya TRF420 toe control rear suspension set
  • 42353 TRF Big Bore Dampers Super Short (4 Pcs.)
  • 51253 Tamiya Evo V bumper set
  • 42281 Tamiya TRF418 stabiliser set front and rear 
  • 53827 Tamiya stabilizer rod stoppers
  • 54870 stabiliser ends 
  • 54868 open face reinforced adjusters 5mm
  • 2 x 54632 Tamiya - TT-02 Type-S Carbon Damper Stay (Front) (Used for front and rear).

Additional parts

  • 58600 Tamiya TT02 Type S chassis kit
  • 54814 Tamiya - TT02 Carbon bumper support (weight reduction)
  • 54752 TT-02 Steering Upgrade Parts Set
  • 2 X 54651 TT-02 Type-S Aluminum Upper Arm Mount (2 Pcs.)
  • 54558 TT-02 Aluminum Motor Mount
  • 54501 TT-02 aluminum propeller shaft
  • 54502 TT-02 Aluminum Propeller Joint
  • 53823 Clamp type wheel hex (5mm)
  • 54875 Tamiya TT02 Oil Gear differential unit
  • 42218 Axle shaft for Double cardan
  • 42219 Joint casing for Double cardan
  • 42221 cross joints for Double cardan
  • 42239 Drive Shaft for 42mm Double Cardan Joint Shaft
  • 54515 XV-01 Assembly Universal shaft (For the rear of the TT02)
  • 54500 TT02 High speed gear set
  • 54649 TT02 Lock insert for Differential
  • 54555 TT-02 FRP Battery plate and Transponder stay
Thanks again to Kevin Kreft.
TT02 2779552471444747824

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  1. thats a sweet build :)
    I just ordered my first TT02 (Audi Rally) for dirt cheap so I'll see how it goes.

  2. Ultimate TamiyaCup Tamiya TT02-Type-S 2020
    the kit can be put on the tamiya tt02 SUBARU 58645 chassis, at the price of the complete kit
    (note and you send it to ANDORRA)

  3. Hello,
    Did you manage not to had 3mm to wheelbase with the trf419 suspension upgrade?

  4. Hello, I was wondering what the lengths of the turnbuckles are for the top control arms, front and rear. Thanks

  5. What are the servo mounts?

    1. They look like Tamiya 54090 (OP1090) TB-03 Aluminum Servo Stay (Right) but that is just a guess.



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