Tamiya 58681 TC-01 Formula E GEN2 Car First photos and option parts

Tamiya has quickly followed up the teaser video with some photos and a brief description of the new TC-01 chassis. This really does look like a successor to the F-201. I cannot wait to find out more.

This is a R/C model assembly kit depicting the GEN2 car raced in the 2019-20 season of the Formula E championship, the pinnacle of electric car racing. The sleek, high-tech body with cowled wheels is recreated in polycarbonate. Halo, mirrors and rear diffuser/bumper are separately molded components. Markings are included to recreate the Championship Livery car. The model is based upon the shaft-driven 4WD of the TC-01 chassis.
  • Formula E, which is also called “F1 for electric vehicles”. The machine with its characteristic style “Gen2” is now available in the electric RC car.
  • The low and individual form of the front and rear tires covered with a body cowl is realistically reproduced with polycarbonate.
  • Set of championship (official) color stickers.
  • The chassis uses shaft drive 4WD, TC-01 equipped with an inboard type four-wheel double wishbone suspension.
  • More details will be added soon
Check out the video

Spare Parts and hop-ups.

54955 TC-01 Aluminum Rocker Arms (2 Pcs.)

51662 TC-01 B-Parts (Bumper)

Others no photos yet.
47449 TC-01 Titanium Screw Set
51661 TC-01 A-Parts (Body Mounts) (2pcs.)
51663 TC-01 C/D-Parts (Suspension) (2pcs.)
54956 TC-01 Stabilizer Set
54975 TC-01 Universal Propeller Shaft (1Set)
TC01 1575499419261711389

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